3D Realms Possibly Bought Out By Microsoft

Torrence Davis @ TheBitbag: "David Villarreal brought this up the other night before the Warzone and I nearly flipped out. It makes so much sense it's not even funny. This is purely speculation and not a rumor or fact.

So it begins with Microsoft getting rights to distribut Duke Nukem on Xbox Live. Isn't it kinda strange that they would put such a classic PC game on Xbox Live? They updated it, added Live support and now every gold user can have a blast from the past online.

On May 6th, 3D Realms closed their doors and their site went down. The site came back up a day later. The funny thing about the timing of the closing of 3D Realms is that it's less than a month away from E3. What David told me completely blew my mind the other night. He thinks that Microsoft bought 3D Realms and that they are working on Duke Nukem Forever as an exclusive Xbox 360 title to be published by Take Two."

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s8anicslayer3808d ago

This most likley has something to do with the upcoming Duke Nukem announcment, DN exclusive to 360 and games for Windows

morganfell3808d ago

No because there is a Duke Nukem announcement coming and I can promise you it has nothing to do with exclusivity for anyone. People are going to be surprised when they find out who is behind it.

OmarJA3808d ago

*Sigh* Duke Nukem on the 360 will be the next Too Human.

El_Colombiano3808d ago

Actually think about it guys. Microsoft bought them so they could shut them down. I hear shutting down perfectly fine developers the new "thing" and Microsoft is leading the hot trend!

JasonXE3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Hello Kitty Publishing Inc.?

table3808d ago

ok, buy them out boys... *Microsofts goons trash the office and everything they've worked on*

GWAVE3808d ago


At E3, Duke Nukem Forever is announced as a timed 360 exclusive, coming Q3-Q4 2010. The media goes crazy and acts as if this is a death blow to the PS3.

Meanwhile, the Sony announces half a dozen new exclusives and the media doesn't even bat an eye.

Mark my words. It's pretty much what happened at the last E3.

Hockey113808d ago

Haha good old simpsons.

3808d ago
Ghoul3808d ago

the upcoming announcement isnt about DNF or anything 3drealms related.
please read before spreading rumors.

"New press release from Apogee Software regarding Duke Nukem coming next week."

The announcement is about apogee softwares duke nukem game.

3808d ago
stevenhiggster3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

I do agree with the fact that the Duke is one of gaming's legends but he's hardly up there with the best of them, I'd be willing to bet that most gamers (casuals) have never even played a Duke Nukem game let alone all the really old platformers that were out on PC in the early nineties. So I really don't think many PS3 fans would be upset if it were true. I for one have been a fan of Duke N since way back when I was playing games on an old 286 pc (with a whopping 31mb hdd), him and Commander Keen were the best gaming icons back then. Come to think of it, someone really should make a new Commander Keen game, not a damn FPS though a nice 3d platformer. That would be cool.

I'm off to write to ID and get them on the case :-)

Lord Anubis3808d ago

I guess everyone ignored the part that says "this is Purely Speculation"

DelbertGrady3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Easy boys, it's just speculation. I'm sure M$ will give you better reasons to troll when E3 is here.

Awookie3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

I don't know why MS would want 3d realms i mean come on they haven't released a game in 10+ years. And this is just a journalist looking for controversy, can it happen yes but they could buyout any number of other more motivated company's.

table3808d ago

It was just a joke soda. Didn't you watch the simpsons back in the day?

STK0263808d ago

come on people, don't argue over this rumour. It's pretty much baseless right now. I mean, the main point of the guy is that since DN3D made it to XBLA, it likely that MS wants DNF as an exclusive.

However, isn't DOOM also on XBLA? Even DOOM3 is in the Xbox original store (I'm pretty sure I've seen it), yet iD software hasn't announced any 360 exclusive yet.

And seriously, who would buy 3DRealms? I love their games, but from a publisher's point of view, it doesn't make any sense. The only reason T2 didn't pull the plug before is because 3DR were making some cash themselves so T2 didn't have to totally finance their project. They are very talented but are unable to produce games at a fast rate.

If indeed MS buys the right to DNF, that's great, because we'll get to play it, but don't get your hopes up just yet.

I believe MS have learned their lesson from RARE, when they bought them, they pretty much were one of the top devs in the world, these days, they produce good games, but nothing amazing, most likely not worth what MS paid for them back in the day. A company should only buy devs after working on some projects with them to make sure they are worth the investment.

morganfell3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

No, I am taking it easy. There is a Duke Nukem announcement that has nothing to do with Apogee or exclusivity.

FragMnTagM3808d ago

If it were not for 3dRealms, Apogee, and id software, you most likely would never have played any modern first person shooter.

That means no Halo, Killzone, Call of Duty, none of it, NADA!

They are the original FPS creators and deserve respect.

On a side note: "I'm looking for some alien toilet to park my bricks. Who's first?" -The King

ShabzS3808d ago

i want to know who develop this title. they can either give one of the 2k boston or marin developers or even the bioshock lead designer ken levine? but i think they should give it to some outsider...

i'd love to see epics and clif blesinski's take on duke nukum... hard ass jar heads with a lame one liners.. this is right around their corner...but its all in take two's hand at the moment

free2game3653808d ago

Microsoft doesn't publish or want PC games anymore, so if they had bought the rights to it, they'd turn it into an XBOX ONLY game.

STK0263808d ago

Actually, from what I read, T2 only owns the publishing rights to DNF, the DN IP in itself is still owned by 3DRealms. If indeed 3DRealms is gone and this is not just a publicity stunt or something similar, the IP will most likely have to be sold like the rest of 3DR's assests.

king dong23808d ago

lol classic.

bubbles up mate! and yes, OmarJa is the legendary loser that is nasim! it's almost beyond belief how someone can be as sad as that idiot..

morganfell: post some evidence will you. also, dont forget to post some evidence of gears2 coming to the ps3!! they're announcing it at E3 rite????? i've seen you claiming many times this was

morganfell3808d ago

You should go back and read what I posted. What I said was Gears2 was running on the PS3 at Epic. I asked if anyone could give me a logical reason why Epic would go through the trouble and expensive of getting Gears 2 up and running on the PS3 including the menus and multiplayer then I would accept that reason.

Otherwise going to market is all with which I am left.

Give me a good common sense reason why they would bother and I will buy into that reason. It isn't for Unreal 3 engine research because that is what the Unreal 3 engine is used to do. Just give me a better reason than marketing.

"For fun" is not valid considering the amount of time and expense.

Then after you figure that out tell me why they posted on the developers forum "Do not ask for copies of Gears of War 2 on the PS3. We are only providing developer copies of games that have shipped to retail."

As regards Duke Nukem you are one of those people that believe there were only two Duke games in development.

N4g_null3808d ago

morganfell you don't understand. The code in gaer of war 2 is so much way beyond what was in UT3's SDK. That is why it is running on the PS3. It's to show case middle ware. The last I heard from epic was that MS paid pretty good to have gears to them selves and it is working out for both epic and MS right now. Epic still would like to sells their middle ware to PS3 game developers though.

The gears 1 code is what the silicon knight guys wanted and you can get gears 2 code , well I guess that's their plan because I haven't heard any thing official about it yet.

need proof then go here but you better have your lic code ready!
No you can't use mine. Be sure to check out E3 though, it should be fun.

Be careful about rumors some stuff may be true but lots of things get pulled at the last minute at E3.

morganfell3808d ago

No, the U3 engine has already been updated with improvements from Gears 2. That argument doesn't work. If you have access and use the U3 engine then you should know this already.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3808d ago

It's obvious morganfell you want to play Gears of War, but since you own a PS3 you wont.

Ozzyb3808d ago

Pretty sure Morgan has a 360 as well... he's only said it 50 times. Just because you have an opinion about one thing doesn't mean you boycott everything else. Go ahead fanboys, buy a PS3, you'll enjoy it, and I won't give you slack for it. You can even still play your 360, crazy, I know.

This game looked really bad for the current standard of games, but it looked fun just cuz it's Duke. If it did go to PC, I'd like to try it.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

I think it's not a matter of "if", but a matter of "when". Probably not before Gears of War 3 comes out in 2010, but after that perhaps Epic will release the Gears Trilogy on PS3 in 2011 or something like that. Microsoft would have to buy the IP, and considering how much it has sold, the IP is too valuable for Epic. Microsoft would have to outright buy Epic, but I doubt Epic wants to be bought.

"It's obvious morganfell you want to play Gears of War, but since you own a PS3 you wont. "

Owning a PS3 is an impediment to playing Gears of War on other platforms? lol, nice logic there.

Christopher3807d ago

Does anyone really care about Duke Nukem Forever other than to laugh at it never coming to see the light of day anytime it's mentioned in the news? Well, if this happens, it'll be the biggest news at E3, screw anything else.


godofthunder103807d ago

I'm tired of hearing ps3 fanboys crying and saying that Microsoft screws everything up.Ps3 fanboys act like Sony does every thing right.So far Sony screwed up a lot more then the 360 did and that's a fact.Last gen the ps3 was dominate.They fell from being domonate to 3rd place out of 3 systems.On the other hand Microsoft acomplished everything they wanted to do this gen.They still have ps3 fanboys crying and making excuses that Microsoft screws up and Sony don't,Sony is really in 2nd plave even if they are almost 8 million units behind 2nd place.I'm tired of hearing ps3 fanboys act like a bunch of pathetic children who can't stand not being in 1st place but 3rd place.I'm also tired of hearing that the ps3 really is in 2nd place because it came out late.Big F**king deal.The fact is that they are still almost 8 million units behind the 360.It's just another ps3 fanboy pathetic excuse why the ps3 isn't in 1st place.I'm also tired of hearing wait to next year.The fact is that they better hurry up.We have only about 3 to 4 years before the next gen is out.I think that the ps3 is a good system but i don't make an excuse for everything that's notgood about the ps3.I'm not a childish fannboy.I think that the ps3 and 360 are great systems.the fact is that they have fanboys on both sides.When you hear stupid remarks like sony is really in 2nd place and sony is right where they wont to be.The fact is that sony thought they would be in 1st place as soon as they came out.You could tell by these stupis remarks that people that post things like this are just fanboys who can't be honest because they can't stand it that the ps3 is in 3rd place so they make up any excuse they can(even if it's stoop)why the ps3 isn't in 3rd place.They all need to grow up and just post facts instead of excuses because just like an a**hole every one have one.I think that the ps3 is a great system that might end up in 2nd place in 3 years and it may not.To act like a fact it is is just pathetic.Instead of being pathetic,bias,childish they all need to just enjoy both sytemys.They are both good systems.On the other hand i don't care what ps3 fanboys claim.You can'y even hardly tell the difference between the graphics so far.Maybe in about 2 or 3 years people maybe will beable to tell.By that time the new systems will be out.Ps3 fanboys are always crying that developers like to work on the ps3 more then the 360,what they don't say is that they have just about the same amount of developers said they like to work on the 360 more then the ps3.

N4g_null3807d ago

[email protected] they did it to show off the gears of war code. Yes this has been updated in the new code base but epic is still trying to get other to buy the engine after all the complaining people have been doing over it. They also showed off a new drag and drop medias system too.

This is just to show off or demo the code. Hey but if you want to believe it's coming then sure it's coming to the PS3, what ever makes you happy. I mean why not? Does MS contract run out? Maybe you should email cliffyB, Oh yeah don't call him that in the email he gets mad.

Hey but I though this whole things was about the duke? I guess we will find out what has happened at E3.

morganfell3807d ago

You just disqualified anything else you could possibly say. They did it to show off the Gears of War code? That is just utterly ridiculous. No answer at all would have been much better.

You obviously have no idea what is involved in engineering a title developed for another platform and handling the massive amount of coding involved in transferring all of the assets to another platform including embedding that second platform's unique multiplayer structure - in this case I know absolutely for a fact they used the Gamespy middleware that several PS3 games utilize.

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josh143993808d ago

wtf it should be a pc game not a 360 game.

TrevorPhillips3808d ago

Microsoft bought out 3D Realm hmm to get duke nukem forever exclusive for the console hmm

Tiberium3807d ago

Funny, when does "speculation" count as news? Besides if microsoft really bought the studio 2k would not be publishing it. That means that there is the possibility of it being a timed exclusive. Of course this is all "speculation."

TrevorPhillips3808d ago

it will be a PC/360 deal at the very least

3808d ago
infekt3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

I agree. M$ destroyed the software world with inefficient OSs and apps and now its the gaming industry that is going to suffer. No wait, its already suffering because of the runts.

tehReaper3807d ago

Get your facts straight before bashing.

"Our development studios - the Worldwide Studios team - is as large as Microsoft and Nintendo’s combined"

Quote by John Koller

If anything, Microsoft needs more.