BuzzFoucus: Dexter for iPhone Producer Interview

When it comes to mass-murder serial killers who are endearing enough to transcend the criminal label and become heroes, there is no better example than Dexter Morgan.

Showtime's "Dexter" has become more than a cult phenomenon. Dexter Morgan, played amazingly by Michael C. Hall, has become the folk hero many have come to call their Dark Defender. He watches over streets while you sleep, willing to do the job that the police won't – or can't. Now, that title has earned Dexter a place on the fastest growing game platform out – the Apple iPhone. "Dexter" is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious gaming ventures to hit the iPhone in 2009.

BuzzFocus recently had the opportunity to speak with Marc Fernandez, Vice President at Marc Ecko Entertainment and Producer of the "Dexter" game for the iPhone/Touch.

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Johnny Rotten3813d ago

Dexter is one of the coolest TV series around, can't wait till the new ones come out!