Xbox 360 Elite Pre-orders Kick Off!

Now that the worst kept industry secret has been made official, we are starting to see Xbox 360 Elite pre-orders at several retailers (Circuit City & Amazon).

Amazon currently has it listed as available from third party sellers, but Circuit City has it available for pre-order at the $479 price mentioned during the official announcement.

In addition, Circuit City has the following product feature info listed:

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Razzy4751d ago

trade ins? I wonder how much they'd give me for my premium 360.

bombzombie4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

I am a TRUE GAMER on N4G.

Nintendo Wii (I own it!)

PS3 (without rumble) (I own it!)

XBOX 360 Premium (I own it!)

XBOX 360 Elite (Paid Off, waiting on delivery!!!)


PS3 with Rumble (Sony where's the love!!) (I will own it!)

all being played on my Sharp LC-65D90U

with DENON's top of the line HDMI switching receiver

connected to 7.1 channels of Martin Logan electrostatic speakers!!!

Show me some love!!! Don't hate!!! You've got to appreciate that I got so MUCH love for gaming!! :-)

bombzombie4750d ago

PUT UP or SHUT UP!!! There is no bigger gaming fan. What evidence and equipment do you have? I know what I'm packing and DAMN proud of IT!! Might as well be Dirty Harry with a Hand Cannon.

kewlkat0074751d ago

all this week , that I 'am going to buy Wii. I need an RPG to play darnit..(well I'm still playing FF12), anyhow since I'am not getting Zelda for my Gamecube anymore, I would like to get it for the Wii.

So this guys wants to trade me:
Nintendo Wii $250
2x Nunchucks $20 ($40)
2x Wii motes $35 ($70)
1 classic controller $20

Monkey Ball $40
Zelda Twilight princess $40
Wario Ware smooth moves $40
Rayman $40

for my Xbox 360 Premium, 3 Wireless controllers, and 4 games. I guess its not a bad trade. Since this Elite is out, I can buy it when Mass Effect is out. So for a short time I won't be a 360 owner.

shotty4751d ago

He's getting the better end because the wii deal is valued at $540 while your giving him
Xbox 360 premium = $400
3 x Controllers = $180
4 x games = $200
which is $780.

I say stick with the xbox 360 and get the wii instead.

TheMART4751d ago


Dumbest trade in ever? Or do you want a Elite that bad?

120 GB isn't nescessary, it's nice but that's it.
HDMI isn't nescessary if you don't have a screen over 42 inch you will probably won't notice it

And black. I hate the black colour. White is much, much better

Armyless4750d ago

Hell a console isn't even necessary, just flick cigarettes at your nieces and nephews. Lots of fun.