Lust+Violence=BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins

Gameplayer writes: "A videogame with shagging in it draw the attention of two types of people; horny yahoos, and sensationalist media types. We won't berate the first group, because it is a great unwashed mob that we ourselves happen to belong to – let's call a spade a spade. The latter group however are much more deserved of abuse; as they're usually non-gamers who hunt down in-game nookie purely to make a mountain out of a molehill - to beat-up some interest.

In this regard, they are not so far removed from the first group..."

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T-What3812d ago

I really hope they have some good info at E3 because this game looks awesome, the graphics don't look as good as Mass Effect though.

Muff1nB4k3r3812d ago

I just want more info on the console versions, like the control scheme, because as far as I'm concerned there is no way I could use the sixaxis to do point and click actions even with countinuous pauses, I'm hoping for something along the lines of Mass Effect, but considering they're no longer using the UE3 engine I don't know...

Marojado3811d ago

"1.04: What platforms will it be released for?
Dragon Age: Origins will be out for the PC and next-generation consoles

# Available: Second Half of 2009
# Platform: Xbox 360™, PS3™
# Format: DVD and Blu-Ray
# Players: 1
# Publisher: EA
# Developer: BioWare™"

Taken from Bioware's official website. It's multi-platform.

JeepGamer3811d ago

I like how the response to one person blowing something out of proportion and saying something inaccurate excuses everyone else to blow what THAT person said out of proportion and say something inaccurate.

For those that think "Fox News" waged some vicious campaign of lies and deceit against Mass Effect simply because they had a beef with the game... You would be shocked to know that gaming news sites are the ones that have engaged in a vicious campaign of lies and deceit against Fox News because they have a beef against the network. It's a political beef that has nothing at all to do with gaming.

Fox News had one person on one show who uttered something stupid one time, they then later offered the chance for the producers of Mass Effect to respond and set the record straight but they declined. For this heinous crime they have been vilified up one side and down the other by the ridiculous and hypocritical gaming news media.

If somebody saying something stupid and inaccurate is such a crime against humanity, then why are you saying something stupid and inaccurate against Fox News? Get over it, they didn't do what you claim they did.

Enigma_20993811d ago

... I dunno... just sayin'...

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