Duke Nukem Forever: More ingame material

Many screenshots and concept artworks from the canceled Duke Nukem Forever have appeared on the internet, since former DNF developer 3DRealms has been shut down. Cynamite has dug up some more screens and artwork from Duke Nukem Forever. Enjoy!

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BlackIceJoe3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

I so hope That at E3 George Broussard and Scott Miller will come out and say that 3DRealms has closed but that there swan song is Duke Nukem Forever. That would be one awesome surprise. I so want to play DNF and if DNF was at E3 that would be great.

Elven63817d ago

The dream would be this was all a joke and 3D Realms is still around! :)

If someone else picks up DNF it just won't be the same, without most of the original team behind it that is, Duke Nukem was awesome on so many different, odd, and unimaginable levels. I remember in DN 3D you can basically play pool with your foot in the second level, that was amazing but totally miscellaneous, it served no purpose but was fun to fool around with.

Timesplitter143816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )


FragMnTagM3816d ago

STFU if you don't like the Duke. The simple truth is that Duke Nukem 3D was way ahead of its time. There is more interactivity in that game than there are in most of the games today. As Eleven6 said above me, you could kick pool balls around for the hell of it (you could also shoot them, and if I remember correctly, they broke after a couple shots) and it was damn fun.

Lots of games these days concentrate too much on realism. It is a good thing sure, but where is the fun?

Nothing compare to the over-the-topness of the Duke!

Please please please be a marketing stunt!!!

FragMnTagM3816d ago

Can you imagine what the trophies/achievements in this game would be like?

Rip of aliens head and park bricks in throat - 20
Stomp 500 miniature aliens - 30
Take a leak 20 times - 10

evrfighter3816d ago

The Duke has better one liners in his games than most of Hollywood's movies.

Except for John McClane....John McClane and Duke Nukem rank pretty high on the bada$$ness scale. Too close to judge there.

Timesplitter143816d ago

Well Duke Nukem basically took all the cheesiest one-liners from Hollywood. Especially from Ash in Evil Dead, who is equally awesome

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crazy17043817d ago

Oh god, that is my biggest dream atm, that this is all a PR stunt

maxbyte3816d ago

it is more lucrative to sell content made by a dead song writer, even if the work is mediocre, than to try to sell masterpiece of a live one.

kewlkat0073816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

So does the Duke live on?...

I agree wit the One Liners. "Theres plenty of Duke d!ck 4 every-body" WTF lol, I thought Gears had great lines.

micro_invader3816d ago

That's some awesome art. It's shame about this game, judging from the leaked video it looked like a lot of fun.

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