8.0 Need For Speed: Undercover iPhone Review

Jeff of writes: For the casual players unfamiliar with EA's reputation in the gaming industry – they're big, very big. But that title also comes with the cost of criticism-catching of colossal proportion. Sure they've had their fair share of outstanding titles under their belt, but these days the NFS franchise has been a magnet for criticism in respect to its less-than-innovative gameplay; and it has been in need of virtual resuscitation for quite some time now. But with the release of EA's first "real" offering (meaning specifically developed for the iDevice ground up); it may soon change. No, it's not because of the lack of any real competition in the App Store; there's enough quality racers up for sale that have gained critical praise (see Fastlane). It's probably because it's one damn good looking iDevice game. EA have raised the bar for those looking for a definitive racing experience; and as far as visuals go for the iPhone/iPod touch this one looks stunning. From the glitz and glamour'esque presentation that EA have always admittedly brought to their games, to a quality soundtrack they have never failed to provide, this is an overall package you might not want to miss out on. We enter the racetracks one more time to test if EA has learnt from 2XL Supercross' shortcomings.

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