Dead Space 2 Officially In Development... Like Right Now

PushSquare: "Electronic Arts employee Patrik Patel has cheekily updated his LinkedIn profile - revealing he's working as a Technical/Development Director for Dead Space 2. Call us "obvious" but we'd assume the project has to be rolling before work can begin.

Perhaps we'll see something at E3. Although don't hold your breath. It's unlikely this game will see the light of day until next year."

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d0nT wOrrY3814d ago

click disagree i don't care, the first one was overrated IMO
so repetitive , go there, fix fix fix fix fix....

Hellsvacancy3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Ill tell ya i disagree, I thought Dead Space was a fantastic game, 4get Resident Evil 5 disagree all u want but i thought it was a horrible game (no run and shoot - Come on) and as Silent Hill and Alone In The Dark well im not gonna go there (im playin through Alone In The Dark Inferno - not likin it much)

Dead Space's where the funs at, it was VERY atmospheric it was really violent had a great build up 2 the game (movin comics and a animated feature length movie) it had variety i never felt like it looked the same and 4 a game set on a Space Ship that was a major feat

All in all its a win 4 me 1 of the best games ive played this gen - Bring on Dead Space 2

Si-Pie3814d ago

I agree with you Hellsvacancy I thought Dead Space was a fantastic game too! The atmosphere in it is great! But dont worry d0nT wOrrY your entitled to your opinion but think you will be in the minority as the disagrees are showing.

green3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

I have the game and dont really like it as well.It has all the right ingredients in place but somehow i just can't seem to enjoy it. All my friends who have played it love it but as they say "different strokes for different folks".

ShabzS3814d ago

go there fix that and meet me hea- oh no wait thats not working either so got there fix that too... and repeat... the movements were limited, couldnt even interact with the npcs... or stand in the same room with them most of the time... but the gfx of that game were craaazy good... multi plats dont get their chops for good graphics but dead space really had some spectacular gfx... and yeah sometimes the scares were cheap ... but the creepy intense atmosphere more than made it up for that ... and the sounds were fantastic... u can just hear them crawling in the vents behind you

GameGambits3814d ago

I clicked disagree, because I disagree. Isn't that what the button is there for?

Dead Space has so much done right for its first in its series that anyone who has played enough games know when to give credit when credit is due. Lighting, graphics, SOUND, controls, story, dialogue, voice acting, difficulty scaling, immersion, theme, and art style are all done excellently.

My major complaint? I wish it hadn't been so short. The game needed a solid 20 hour campaign, and just about 2 more big crazy bosses. In 2008 my 3 favorite games in order were: MGS4, Fallout 3, and then Dead Space.

I hadn't played a survival horror since Silent Hill 1 simply because the genre was not my cup of tea. For Dead Space to take that whole genre and make it appealing to someone not a fan of it is astounding in its own right.

This is a must play. End of story.

Timesplitter143814d ago

Dead Space was fantastic. It was SO immersive and the weapons felt absolutely insane

felidae3814d ago

sorry but NO!

Dead Space is the best next-gen game .. along with Bioshock!


lol... dead space repetative, and all the countless fps games with next to nothing stories were not ? well everyone has an opinion i guess. my opinion is that your opinion is a bit of a joke.

if dead space is overated, then all the other games that came out last year need a few points knocking off them.

joydestroy3813d ago

you're crazy man. Dead Space FTW!!! one of the best new IP's last year.

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Megaton3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Awesome, loved the first one, can't wait for the sequel.

Silent Hill has morphed from perfect (1 - 3) to utter crap (4 and beyond), Resident Evil is a TPS with outdated controls, I shouldn't even bring up Alone in the Dark, and the only Fatal Frame since 2005 is on the Wii and Japan-only.

Siren and Dead Space are the only worthy contenders from the dying horror genre these days. Glad to see they're giving Dead Space legs, it really deserves it.

solidjun53814d ago

I loved the first one. The controls were amazing and responsive. In my opinion, RE5 should've modeled it's controls after DeadSpace. So I can't wait for the sequel. Great story.

PotNoodle3814d ago

Respect++ EA.. everyone assumed after it didn't do so well that you would drop it.

labaronx3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

across 2 consoles isn't doing well? That seems kinda average sales for most games to me. Really only a hand full of games actually do better than that.

shazui1233814d ago

I hope they improve upon or even keep the same formula they used in the first, was an awesome game. If they can find a way to improve the atmospherics and graphics, maybe some slicker animations in there as well, theyll have a GOTY 2010 contender, at least i hope it comes out then, dont wanna wait too long for more limb slicing goodness :D

I just remembered GOW3, nm i can wait :P.

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