CVG: Final Fantasy XIII preview

Matthew Pellett from CVG writes:

"Seems Square Enix has been lying to us. Remember the exciting battle footage from E3 2006? It's all false. In the long-awaited JPRG's final guise there are no sleek real-time menus, no mini-maps and no MP.

Oh, and as a dollop of amnesia's on the cards you can forget about stylish attack-linking acrobatics too: in between their moves Lightning and her band of misfits need to stand around and wait for their Active Time Battle gauges to fill just the same as all the heroes that have gone before them."

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CrazedFiend3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

"Seems Square Enix has been lying to us. Remember the exciting battle footage from E3 2006? It's all false.In the long-awaited JPRG's final guise there are no sleek real-time menus, no mini-maps and no MP."

Of course. That version was supposed to be a PS3 exclusive optimized for the PS3. But when M$ pushed its money paws into the equation, Square had to make some decisions. From the day it was announce to be going multiplatform I gave up on the version we were shown.

Xbox fans may be gleaming at the possibilities, but for Playstation fans, it's more an issue of what could have been...

But that has been discussed elsewhere already.

GameGambits3812d ago

Come on man you are just egging on a flame war and you clearly know it.

The PS3 version is going to be the PS3 version according to SE. They aren't even having a 360 version in Japan.

If there is going to be a gimped version of the game it will be the 360 version and that won't happen until the PS3 versions are done and over with. It's like Call of Duty World at War being on Wii as well as PS3/360--you know a ton is going to keep it back.

That's all this is going to end up being. If the 360 version were to completely gimp your dream of the game you were going to make, extend development time, and ultimately result in a crappier version which will lead to poor sales, then why would you bother? No game developer is greedy enough to sell out their main franchise that fast and burn their reputation down to sink like the Titanic.

You can be a dimwitted and delusional as you like, but SE is still going on with making the game they want to make with FF13. If it bombs then it bombed on its own right, and I can bet you the reason will be story/dialogue/voice acting, and much less combat mechanics. SE has YET to get that wrong in any game. Even Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery still both have very deep and fun battle systems. Its the other things in those games that made them less than stellar to say the least.

People need to face things the way they are and quit trying to just blame crap on things they aren't in control over---especially things that haven't even come to pass.

CrazedFiend3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Hey man, I hear you and agree with pretty much everything you said because that's the way it should be. And what you're saying is 100% logical. But one thing I've seen this generation when it comes to developers and their relationship with the big M and S is that logic has been turned up on its head.

So even though I agree with what you're saying, I can't REALLY agree with what your saying. I can't shake that gut feeling that M$ has a little more pull in the gaming industry than you're giving them credit for. I don't think SE sold out like Rockstar did. Quite the opposite. I think they are, in all fareness, trying to hold out. But I think they are giving in little by little.

MS made a big deal a while back about the list they have of the games they where wooing away from Sony (these games were not owned by Sony, but were definitely at the time solely associated with the Playstation brand) and one by one the games were getting crossed off that list. Yes, MS made a BIG deal about that list.

So MS makes big fanfare when they get to cross Final Fantasy off that list, but then the next day SE steps in and says "Well yes, but we're going to finish the PS3 version before working on the Xbox version".

Well, even at the time we knew that one wasn't gonna last long. Soon the PS3 version is being delayed even more than it already was and just recently Square announced that they are working on both the PS3 and 360 game engines simultaneously. So now, not only did they divide their resources in half, hence the further delay, but they also expect me to believe that even though the game has been in development for "x" number of years now, they're just NOW getting to working on the PS3 game engine now and are in some kind of position to be working on both engines "simultaneously"?

No, I'm sorry. My gut feeling tells me that even with all the sensible logic that SHOULD be flying around, there were some meetings and a rollback somewhere and some adjustments were made in order to make this a multiplatform game, and that's why things are all simultaneous right now.

Don't forget, M$ has a lot of clout in this industry. Even with SE. Remember that it was just a few short weeks before it's anticipated release that the FFXIII demo canceled outside of Japan.
It was finished. It was ready to go. It was blocked. Do you think that was a Sony move? Do you think it was a move done for the fans of the series? Do you think that's what Square REALLY wanted?

So yeah, while your logic makes perfect sense to me in that NO developer should sell out their dreams and hard work, I can't say I feel that logic fits this situation.

I do, however, hope my gut is wrong.