EA has a tough quarter - but finally praises the PC platform

BSN: "Electronic Arts announced its fourth quarter financial results, and well, they were in-line with the recession and all the doom and gloom that still is surrounding the world. However, unlike AMD, Intel, nVidia in the world of PC hardware and Activision, Blizzard, Take Two and others in the world of software - EA didn't post an increase of sales plus losses, but rather a 24% decrease in revenues and a 7% loss.

If we look at the results, EA managed to achieve $1.65 billion in revenue and a massive $0.64 billion loss. Looking at the whole of 2008, EA achieved $3.67 billion sales and a 454 million dollar loss, while EA achieved 3.09 billion sales and a 76 million dollar profit back in 2007. Interestingly though, EA's largest competitor had almost identical revenue: Activision Blizzard had $1.64B revenue, but managed to lose just $71M.

If you wonder how large the Blizzard is, here's the kicker: in 2007, Activision had $1.35B revenue and 227M profit. After the merger with Blizzard Entertainment, revenue went to $3.03B. Thus, Blizzard is roughly a 1.7B company with around $1.65B coming from World of Warcraft [game + all the merchandise]."

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Nihilism3814d ago

yay for pc, seriously, pc rocks

free2game3653814d ago

That doesn't stop them from still delaying PC versions of their games.

Vazz3813d ago

And using ridiculous drm.