The best PSN games ever

PlayStation Pure writes: The PlayStation Network combines amazing versions of classic games, foreign projects and original ideas with ambitious titles that compete with the games on Blu-ray.

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bigrob1233813d ago

1. Tekken DR 2. warhawk 3. wipeout HD 4. savage moon 5. Soldner X 6. GT5p just a few of the good ones pixel junk monsters is another 1

fuckoffodion3813d ago

Soldner X is great. Warhawk IMHO is the best multiplayer game this gen. But I'm in love with Flower. It's so kewl.

Kingsora3813d ago

PixelJunk Monsters is fun, but just way to difficult. I didn't succeed in gtting even one trophy...

Yeah so maybe I suck, but hey games gotta be fun too for people who aren't that good, right?

Jinxstar3813d ago

Super Stardust HD was downright awesome.

fuckoffodion3813d ago

Actually you're not the only one. I'm having trouble with Pixeljunkmonster too. Game is downright brutal.

WhittO3813d ago

ye, i have been trying to get this trophy on pixel junk monsters for weeks, i always fail on like the last 2 waves, it makes me hate the game so much!! even though its a great/addictive game - the trophies are a little TOO hard to get!

Killjoy30003812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

My list (not in order of importance, and only games that are strictly downloadable)

Calling All Cars
Super Stardust HD
Pixel Junk Eden
Pixel Junk Monsters
Everyday Shooter

Games that will be incredible

Fat Princess
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
Next Q Games Project

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shazui1233813d ago

i just wish there was a spring sale thing for the EU too, thatd confirm the purchase for me. I mean its worth full price but i dnt have the mulah :(

Baka-akaB3813d ago

I dont get why those list never mention the quite excellent Siren remake . It's even one of the only alternative for true horror between a lackluster SH5 and a non-scary RE5 ...

Bob Dole3813d ago

Don't forget Super Stardust HD!

Shane Kim3813d ago

Is that game good? I've been dying to buy that but the somewhat wired graphics has stopped me. But then again there is supposed to be guitar riffs or something so that's alwayas a plus.

themyk3812d ago

if anybody is in the fence about this game. Trust me. It's amazing. And that's comeing from sum1 who owns a bunch of psn games.

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The story is too old to be commented.