Console Monster: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Review

Console Monster writes: "Chinese dynasties of yore. Futuristic armoured-suit orientated animé. Two subjects as far from each other as one might keep their cyanide pills from their foodstuffs. Two different things and never the twine shall meet. Well, that's what I thought before I heard about Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2. With KOEI pumping out games quicker than a hardened smackhead injects heroin, their output rate is astonishing, on a par with annual sports titles in the vein of FIFA and Madden. At such a sprint, their creative legs were sure to tire and in 2007, with Dynasty Warriors Gundam, KOEI added an external IP to their retinue with the aim of giving a refreshing boost to the long running series, which has been in business before the dawn of time. Not having played the first game, or for that matter seen the animé series that this supposed "tactical action game" is based around, but having had unfortunate, regrettable experiences with the Dynasty Warriors series in the past, I anticipated my first time to be rough, painful and thoroughly underwhelming.

Armoured suit polished, buckles secured and ridiculous weapons primed, I hurried my way through the archaic-looking, arcade-style menus into what I would call the game's main feature: "Official Mode". While this was certainly no "All your base are belong to us" situation, I couldn't help but wonder as to why they gave it such an offputting name..."

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