Eidos holding off on release of most PS3 titles until 2008

Eidos has confirmed that it won't be releasing most of its major PS3 titles until next year, stating that the console's installed base will not be high enough before then.

As part of a statement released alongside the company's interim results for the six months ended December 31 2006, CEO Jane Cavanagh said, "We believe that PlayStation 3 will be a successful platform, and are developing

technology and products for this console.

"However, as we do not believe that the installed base will be high enough until the second half of our 2008 financial year, most of our major product releases on the PlayStation 3 platform are not scheduled before that date."

The six month results reveal a rise in revenues for Eidos from GBP 50.1 million to during the same period last year to GBP 74.5 million. Losses stand at GBP 17.9 million - down by GBP 2 million year-on-year.

Cavanagh said that the board of directors also believes the Xbox 360 and Wii will be successful, with Eidos's first titles for Nintendo's machine due out this spring.

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ThaGeNeCySt4756d ago

seems like a lot of devs want to take this route

trane074756d ago

Wait until the install base is good enough, then start releasing the good stuff. (hey that rhymed!)

ASSASSYN 36o4756d ago

Like you got a choice hahaha

HokieFan4756d ago

So, they won't make games until the userbase is high enough...but the userbase won't grow without good games. I can't say that I blame them, but it's a good thing all of the developers aren't doing this or there would be nothing to play!

PSN Starfleets4756d ago


How is the userbase meant to grow without the good games anyway?

Violater4756d ago

Its a cycle of doom, which is why its good to have 1st party games.
Third party games suck right now anyway.
Ports n all

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The story is too old to be commented.