AAG Feature: Top 5 Developers for the Xbox 360 and PS3

This article looks at what we think are the Top 5 developers that have released games on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. There are so many good ones out there, but we have narrowed it down to five.

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MURKERR3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

should include naughty dog,insomniac,konami just for MGS4,thatgamingcompany and not to mention sucker punch......and thats just for now....

onijutsu3816d ago

i dunno, i heard lost planet sucked, i hated dmc4, resident evil 5 was fun but still not living up to the franchise, street fighter 4 delivered quite well, even if seth is the worst boss ever.

Halo3 MLG Pro3816d ago

You heard wrong. Lost Planet is superb. Can't wait for part 2. I guarantee that will be another million seller.

Rhythmattic3815d ago

Halo3 MLG Pro

I could see the potential, but unfortunately, the PS3 port was absolute crap.

Halo3 MLG Pro3815d ago

Yeah it's unfortunate that Capcom didn't give ps3 a proper port. I can see why a lot of ps3 fans are upset about it and instantly go in defense mode and call the game crap. Damn just look at all the disagrees I have. But the game was wicked fun and filled with old school action. I mean cmon, Big huge bugs? Check! Sweet Mechs? Check! Huge Explosions? Check! It was a blast to play. And quite challenging at that. It took me awhile to beat that last guy.

CraigGOA3815d ago

I agree Halo3 MLG Pro, the original Lost Planet was very underrated, especially the multi player mode. Lost Planet 2 is looking awesome and hopefully they will show more at E3.

DrRobotnik3815d ago

True. I enjoyed lost planet, even though a lot of people I know never gave it a chance.

zoneofenders3815d ago

LOST PLANET was great.
sure the shooting on foot was boring and stupid, but those mechs!!
controlling those mechs to battle the worm was pretty sweet.

LP2 will be more like Monster Hunter, which is a good thing.

mastiffchild3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

I don't think that's true at all. I certainly gave it every chance as I thought the premise was pretty cool and mechs are always worth a good look but I still found it underwhelming. Gameplay was too rigid and slow and, while I agree that the MP was a little better, it still failed to live up to expectations. And I'm talking about the 360 original and not the woeful port that PS3 owners had to suffer.

That alone wouldn't be enough to make me think LP2 won't be better but Capcoms other games definitely are. DMC4 was weak and lazy, RE5 is only okay when layed online co-op style and should have been a way better SP game, SF4 was also a let down for me(I expected something amazing after loving SF2THDR-but I don't feel SF4 gave us much better at all), DR1 was okay but flawed with terrible save points and the silly timer and everything they released on Wii post RE4 has been a big con(and CTYD is one of the worst games I've seen in a while). Which leads us on to the DLC for SF4 and RE5-rip off much?

For a developer that has always been either my actual favourite or at least close to, and one noted for listenin to gamers I think Capcom are in a terrible run of form game wise AND seem to have lost touch with us to the point where they make us pay for a key to release things that have to already be on the disc. I'm sorry, I realise people feel Capcom are doing well but I just don't see it at all-doesn't everybody remember how good RE4 and DMC3 were? Sorry but for me the games are going downhill quickly. Regardless of platform as well(though I do think Wii owners should hold a special distaste for what they have been asked/expected to buy-with more in the shape of another light gun Resi and retreads to come!).

BTW-clueless list, clueless.

zoneofenders3815d ago

well capcom choose to put MH3 on wii so they could easily port it to PSP.
i understand it from a financial standpoint. but it doesnt mean i am not disappointed. i want a HD MH!!

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Karum3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Resident Evil 5 the best looking game on either console to date?

They are kidding right?

Their list is also questionable.

gnothe13815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

that comment is a matter of opinion, because FOR ME I also think RE5 looks better than KZ2(360),its even more fun to play FOR ME!! its not a FACT that KZ2 looks better or is more fun to play, so don't get uptight when you see that comment being made. I bought KZ2 an didn't like it, the graphics were good but outside of that, I(ME<---) just didnt like it. RE5 on the other hand, I've got so many hours in that game its ridulouse. so if somebody says your game of choice or console of choice isnt the best just renenber its all a matter of OPINION!!

an as far as the list goes, for the PS3 it should be mainly PS3 first party developers because for the most part multiplatform development normally turns out better on the 360!!
PS3 360
GG epic
ND bungie
insomniac capcom

Karum3815d ago

Whether or not you enjoyed one over the other or one not at all is completely and utterly irrelevant lol. Why you brought up which game is more fun for you is confusing.

RE5 is a good looking game but the best on any console to date? No chance mate. Absolutely no chance.

I can think of 3 games off the top of my head that look better than RE5, those would be MGS4, Uncharted and KZ2. Actually now that IU thought about it for .03 seconds more I'll throw the glorified demo that is GT5P in there too.

And don't think of this as some disgruntled PS3 fanboy rant because it isn't. Fact of the matter is that KZ2 is widely recognised across the gaming industry as the game with the best graphics to date. Was RE5 compared to the graphical behemoth that is Crysis? No, it was not.

Art style is a matter of opinion. Graphical quality just requires you to have a working set of eyes.

3815d ago
blackpanther253815d ago

Keep telling yourself that when you sleep at night.
Man u funny +bub for making me laugh

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