Wipeout HD patch 1.40 is now available

Is available a new patch for Wipeout HD:

Is a 16 MegaByte download but it is not clear the functionalities of this patch, probably fixes online game

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Panthers3818d ago

Is this game active online? I am going to be getting it eventually

mac4u103818d ago

1080p 60 frames a sec must have game for all

heyheyhey3818d ago


it was 10x as active when it launched, but it's a bit too difficult for most people so a lot of people left.. you can still get into a race no problem though

caffman3818d ago

I haven't played it in a while

WhittO3818d ago

last time i tried going online it was totally empty, not a single game !!

i dont think this game is that hard, if you stick with it and get better, learn the tracks etc, online is great!

Tryst3818d ago

The game isn't hard at all. SL (Studio Liverpool) released a patch that added a easy option to simplify it for Noobs, but it is so easy to get into imho.

The online is quite active. I went on it the night this went live (Wednesday, I think) and there were dozons of races going on).

This patch only fixes bugs. One of the developers posted on the Wipeout forum detailing what was fixed.

no-spin3818d ago

The online is available, but in more than 2 occasions (i dont play it much) i have seen ZERO games available.

The community in this game is quiet small.

Is a good buy though, nice single player campaign, top quality, great online when you find a games

redsquad3818d ago

It's worth it for the Single Player (in my opinion). Plenty of trophies and liveries to unlock.

Redempteur3818d ago

there are not a lot of matches BUT you can get into a race no problem
YOu'll get a lot of phantom races ... ( the fastest speed ) so be prepared .online is not easy ..

But you should get the game . the single players challenges are worth the money ... IMO the platinium for wipeout HD is one of the hardest .
Custom soundtracks , trophies , 60 fps 1080 races ..if you want to get everything you'll spent quite some time inside wipeout HD

PS3Freak3818d ago

This game is only hard the first time you play. I had never played a Wipeout game before but after a month i was able to make top 10 lap times on some tracks, and winning all the elite races. After only a few days i was winning online races. It was never hard and it bothers me that studio liverpool made it easier for the people who couldn't do it. I had to work hard for my trophies.

thor3818d ago

It WASN'T active online for a while, but then the game was patched to include online ranks and badges, so everybody started playing again. It also added the ability to see and spectate games-in-progress, so you can see that there are people racing and you'll stick around.

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DragonWarrior465343818d ago

I wonder what these guys and the motorstorm devs are making now that they are one studio? Wipeout pacific rift? I love both games I do prefer my motorstorm though.

Milky3818d ago

I completely forgot about this game. I used to play it so much. Time to get back into it I reckon as it is really good.

PS3Freak3818d ago

What happened to all that downloadable content that they promised us?

Redempteur3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Since the game is still being updated ( and getting updates ) You can only guess that dlc is near .
At least the delay proves that the dlc is not something they cut before the release but something they have been working on since the launch as a true additionnal content

timestoby3818d ago

after wanting this from announcment and getn it,it was cool.but i always wanted to play online,but its just to hard and its for the hard rather play f-zero online if that happens lol least the tracks will be wide enuff for everyone to play. oh,i dont even have a wii

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