Primotech: Come Get Some Never-Before-Seen Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Footage

3D Realms may sadly be no more, but the Duke Nukem Forever pre-alpha assets continue to flow out of the former studio.

The latest is this three minute video, featuring not only Maya animation clips, but actual in-game gameplay footage of the title. The video comes courtesy of former 3D Modeler Bryan Brewer, who has updated his online portfolio in hopes of locating new employment. The video highlights the various completed character animations and assorted in-game environments, not to mention an insane arsenal of weapons and absurdly large-scale boss battles.

Please be aware, the video should be considered "not work safe" for language and nudity.

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Anyone notice that Duke Nukem Forever has more life in its death then it does when the company was actually alive? The last two days showed more stuff then the last twelve years.

PirateThom3813d ago

It would be hilarious if this all turned out to be one big publicity stunt.

FragMnTagM3813d ago

That was a great marketing tool and got everyone pumped for Halo 2. If they are creating this much of a stir, then I can see this being a publicity stunt. If it is, it is working really well. It is getting everyone talking about the Duke, and it would be a great thing to announce at a popular trade show, a.k.a E3.

sgtmus3813d ago

I highly agree about the comment, if this was a publicity stunt.

nirwanda3813d ago

Yeah but just think how big of a publicity stunt it would be for ms or sony to announce that the have save 3d realms at E3 all it would take probably is to give them half of the royalties they would make from game sales in advance but no dought they will spend the money instead on gimmicky self promotion instead of something that will have an impact on the community, without realising that something like would make more headline and impact on peoples psyche

panasonic233813d ago

This is probably one of MS big announcement at E3