Uno becomes the first XBLA title to sell over 1 million copies

Reuters reports:

There have been more than 135 million downloads on Live Marketplace, including the first game, "Uno," to exceed sales of 1 million downloads, said Penello, who added that 70% of Microsoft customers have downloaded some type of content.

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ThaGeNeCySt4752d ago

damn... i thought SF would have been the first

hamburgerhill4752d ago

That's good news and at this pace it's going to outsell resistance for ps3 which says alot for 360 owners who even purchase live arcade games like crazy! 360 is where the money's at and I hope this surge continues throughout the life of the console!

eques judicii4752d ago

what happened to geometry wars?? i thought that was the most downloaded..

Yo Wassap4752d ago

not only that but it's still by far the best available.

techie4752d ago

UNO? Go find your family and play it on the living room floor.

r10004752d ago

Yea seriously.... Good point...

The only thing with Uno's fun game... but man everyone i played it with has their own DAMN RULES... [email protected]#$%%&*

Double-Edged4752d ago

Uno??? is this game really good?


well.... I havent bought anything on the market..

But when I do... StreetFighter and CastleVania...

I just love the many things on the 360marketplace

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The story is too old to be commented.