Euro Ninja Gaiden demo iffy

Unfortunately, Europeans will have to sit and watch from the sidelines as US and Japanese gamers enjoy a demo for Ninja Gaiden Sigma next month.

You see, Sony Europe still has no idea when the PS3 demo or full game can be expected in Europe, telling Eurogamer this afternoon that it was still waiting for information.

Meanwhile Famitsu has announced the demo will be released across North America and Japan on 27th April, ahead of the title's scheduled launch in June.

It is rumoured to include a specially created chapter that won't be in the full game, which will give you access to many of the game's weapons early on.

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Bigmac5734761d ago

It's easy as hell to make a US, Japan, China, or any other nations's PSN account. You can get the demo!

Darkaber4761d ago

Indeed mate thats what iv done

LSDARBY4761d ago

yeah just create a US account, takes no more than 2 mins.

Ps30074761d ago

Problem solved enjoy the demo.

shura4761d ago

we will see if its work cause if you bought a hk version of the ps3 for example you cannot play (with resistance)online cause the system try to connect in china, wherever your account come from.
so it's begin the continental exclusion like the 360 thx to be so different sony...

ps: sorry for my bad english

vidoardes4760d ago

It's tradition, it wouldn't be Europe if we didn't get screwed in someway or another at least once every three months

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