The Portable Gamer: Shivering Kittens Review - I Can Has Defrost?

The Portable Gamer writes: "Shivering Kittens is the most deceptively difficult, yet fun, game I've played since Sneezies. If you've played games like Tetris or Lumines, this game should be an easy transition.

In the game, blocks of ice and kittens slowly fall from the top of the screen. They'll be in several different shapes, but always consist of three different cubes: kittens, frozen kittens, and ice. If you can line up five kittens, touching in any manner, they'll meow cutely, blink and dance, then disappear. If you can line up ice and frozen kittens on a whole row from left to right, the ice will melt and vanish, and the kittens will be freed. Once they're freed, they'll meow and vanish if you have five or more touching, like before. Like Lumines, when a block is placed, it will separate, allowing no empty spots on the board. This helps a lot in lining up rows of ice to free your frigid felines."

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