Q&A: Xfire's Mike Cassidy On The Changing Community

The PC-based Xfire instant messaging service and gaming server tracker was first launched in 2004, and was quickly popularized to due its unique ability to analyse what video game a contact is playing and what server they are playing on, as well as allowing players to send messages to each other within the game itself – eliminating the need to minimize windows.

By April of 2006 the service had over 4 million users, at which point the company was acquired by Viacom in a deal worth $102 million. Since that time, Xfire has seen almost 3 million more gamers begin using the service, which remains free.

In this article, GameCareerGuide speaks to Mike Cassidy, CEO and co-founder of Xfire, about the growth of the Xfire service, his opinions on the Windows Live service, and their plans for moving into the console market.

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