Intel's Smallest Processor

The Intel Atom processor enables the latest Mobile Internet Devices, and another new category of devices for the internet called netbooks and nettops. (Mobil Internet Devices (MIDs) are Larger than a Smart Phone but smaller than an UMPC - ex: Gigabyte M528)

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Mikerra173810d ago

this is whats put into you when you give blood

Reshun3809d ago

That's quite a lot of blood.

PinkUni3809d ago

i think its a bit hasty to be calling it the intel atom processor

i guess theres no more names for it being small now LOL

i guess they could use quarks but i dont think people would get the idea

f7897903809d ago

Too many stupid people. We're outnumbered.

karan86243809d ago

Its quite a bit bigger than an atom, isnt it? Plus, now if they do make one the size of an atom, what will the call it?

TABSF3809d ago

new dual core 4 thread atoms late 2009 or 2010