First PS3 Game Breaks 1Million

According to Resistance:Fall of man has sold over 1 Million copies to date. They have sales recorded as following:

Japan: 114,000+
Europe: 220,000+
USA: 660,000+

Official confirmation would be nice. But if this is so it will be a great milestone for Sony and Insomniacs joint venture.

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techie4312d ago

1 in 3 ps3 owners own Resistence...exclusives sell.

Thugbot1874312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

I would have thought RFOM would have sold way more than that.

techie4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

oh don't be lame. it's only just launched in Europe. Consider this...nearly everyone who buys a ps3 will buy resistance. That is a very good thing for Insomniac and Sony.

Thug. You have to think about who buys PS3's. Not all people like shooters...some people just don't want it. Or want to wait for something else. But 1/3 is very strong. You don't really got that with Playstation...usually you see sales of 8million but the user base is about 50million. So it's a nice change and I expect it to continue this way, this generation. Why? Because their inhouse games will ve very strong this time round...I've been researching them a lot and they look very strong. So good times.

No ones defensive Thug...just saying why I thought you were wrong.

Thugbot1874312d ago

I wasn’t singling out Europe. I realize it’s only been out a week there. What I was saying is that there was so much hype about the game here in the US and so much comparison between that and GOW. That you would have though in general it would have already sold a million games. That’s no diss on RFOM the reviews were great and it looks like an awesome game.

Everyone get’s so defensive about any comment made toward the PS3, not everything is an attack.

SuperSaiyan44312d ago

I think the 1 of 4 exclusives left for Sony they better start deepbrownnosing InsomniWACK for games cos thats the best they are gonna get.

LMFAO Gears is over 3million hahaha

eques judicii4312d ago

this is good for sony, why do you have to hate so much?

fenderputty4312d ago

is one thrid of your install base. 1 million is more then one thrid of the PS3's install base. Take a math class before you post.

Husso4312d ago

3 mil out of 10

1 mill out of 2.8

see anything you fool.

Premonition4312d ago

Most of the people who make dumb comments are under the ages of 18, I bet that. As for the news its good to see Resistance is selling well, I predict Warhawk will probably sell much faster.

Black Republican4312d ago

stop hating ppl !! ! ! !

the SOny fanbase is not that high yet, it wasnt even released in Europe until past week

GZZZ lol

of course it will be way easier to sell a million for a game, when their is over 10 million xbox 360 owners

selling 1 million for a game when about only 2.8 million ppl own it is AMAZING

lilwingman4312d ago

This is awesome news. It has been a good couple of days for Sony. Finally! :P

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The story is too old to be commented.