Q-Games working on 5 non PixelJunk games

TVGB: "Twitter is quickly become the go to place for finding up to the minute (literally) news. Our latest glimpse into the twitterverse shows the founder of Q-Games Dylan Cuthbert tweeting about future projects. Yesterday he tweeted, "non-PJ prototypes are going well.. one project almost finished, another four moving along nicely, hopefully see the light of day eventually.""

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jams_shop3809d ago

Confirm they don't at sleep at Q-Games.

-EvoAnubis-3809d ago

Q-Games has done a lot more than they even get credit for. The XMB? Q-Games. The music visualizers? Q-Games. That wavy background that's standard on the PSP and PS3? Q-Games.

callahan093809d ago

Indeed, Q-games are responsible for the XMB.

And notice that Cuthbert didn't say "non-PixelJunk games" he said "non-PJ projects" meaning that they are not all necessarily games. In fact, I'd bet money on the fact that they're not all games. Maybe they've completed some big update to the XMB that gives it a lot of cool new features? Could be cool.

sinncross3809d ago

I wonder if these are still PS3 (maybe PSP) exclusive titles...


I find it amazing that Q-games is one of the pioneers of the old school game design where you just get to the end of levels and try to get as much points as you want. It's a sort of revival on the old school ways and I support that. I hope that their new games are released and are just as good as PJ Eden.