X360: Bayonetta Preview

When a game is described as having the artistic direction that Devil May Cry's sequels should have chosen, you tend to sit up and listen. Heck, if success was based upon the number of guns wielded alone, Bayonetta would surely straddle the charts as easily as its eponymous heroine does her hapless enemies. You see, one firearm isn't enough for this reincarnated witch, and two's only slightly better. No, to keep the target in sight at all times, four weapons are naturally required, tethered to each of her hands and feet and fired in an acrobatic fashion resembling helicopters in distress. Don't ask how she pulls a trigger with her pinkies, just go with it.

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Pheonix033816d ago

Bayonetta is going to be the best game this year, but I don't think too many people are gonna play it.

I hope SEGA advertises Bayonetta well.