Will FFXIII Release in Japan for Xbox 360?

NextGen Player writes:

"It's another lazy Saturday which means time again for another edition of Mind Games, a feature where we ask you our loyal readers questions that are slowly eating us up on the inside.

For this week, I'd like to reminisce for a bit back to July 14, 2008: that fateful day when Square-Enix President Yoichi Wada took the stage during the Microsoft press conference to anounce Final Fantasy XIII would release on the Xbox 360. Many pundits quickly professed that cataclysmic announcement spelled ruin for the beleaguered PS3 with yet another highly anticipated *exclusive* gone multi-platform.

However, buried beneath this megaton announcement was a footnote stating that Final Fantasy XIII would be multi-platform in North America and Europe - Japan conveniently not mentioned. Of course as the story goes, Yoichi confirmed that FFXIII was remaining exclusive to PS3 in their homeland of Japan."

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Obama3810d ago

so the 5 people who own a 360 there can buy it? :D

7ero H3LL3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

did 5 people buy star ocean 4 on the day of it's release in japan?

a dumb joke...

it's probably a timed exclusive in japan, considering that SE wants the next front mission to sell on 360 first and not after in japan.

Sony Rep3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

wow. you think SE wants Front Mission on the 360 because of its install base in Japan? hahaha

FFXIII will not come to the 360 in japan, ever... it'll sell like azz. The same reason Yakuza 3 is exclusive to the PS3.

GUNS N SWORDS3810d ago

front mission is both US/Eroupe and japan, but it might actually sell more in japan. (due to it's history in japan)

in some cases install base means little to some companies.

an example of that would be ps3's version of bioshock, it sold rather poorly compared to 360's version yet 2k still made the port.

The General3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Lol, just imagine if Star Ocean lunched on the PS3 and 360 retrospectively. LOLLL. I can't imagine why an article like this was ever written.

Wait, I get it. 360 fans now see how important Japan is to the success of a console and what Final Fantasy can do and now they really hope that somehow the impossible can happen to save the 360 from ending up like its father. A big LOL. Funny stuff.

Anyway, on to the greatest E3, Especially from Sony ;-)

Seriously, no matter what Microsoft pulls out their hat this time, even if its a metal gear game, SONY is unstoppable right now. Seriously.

@GUNS N SWORDS : How many articles do you need to prove to you that software sales of 360 and the PS3 are neck-to-neck despite the "supposed" gap in console sales? Japan is a different story. The consoles there don't lie.

7ero H3LL3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

"FFXIII will not come to the 360 in japan, ever... it'll sell like azz."

this is so funny, you know what i bet you said 9 months ago

"FFXIII will not come to the 360 in th US and europe, ever... it'll sell like azz."

only this time it's with japan lol, i bet you don't even live in what do you care.

7ero H3LL3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

lol, look at this, all you guys can come up with is a bunch of sour disagrees at what happened since the last E3. and you can't even type worth d1ck sh1t (Sony Rep) give up this BS and put some hrs into's just not worth it.

cereal_killa3810d ago

So you use a 1 year later port to a system as a Eg. on how install bases don't really matter of course it sold poorly let's not forget not everyone is a fanboy to one system allot of people own both or all systems and have most likely played BS on the 360.

On topic: Im not going to say that it will not be on the 360 in Japan (but I doubt it) M$ fanboys seem to think that M$ has unlimited funds and there so called cheque book for games will be pulled out to please SE once again to give the fanboys something to gloat about.

gameplayer3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

square would be retarded not to release it on 360 in Japan eventually... the game will be complete and running on the 360 and all the japanese voice work, text, etc will be done from the ps3 version... how cheap would it be to combine these and release in Japan? I bet only 1000 copies sold would pay for it! Obviously it will be exclusive at first but I just don't see it staying that way just for the simple fact that it would be SO cheap and easy to get a japanese 360 version put together.

ps3d03810d ago

I'd say if SE can make it for the 360 they will lets not forget that the 360 is now SE fav system well not counting the DS. the 360 broke a million sold so I'd say it doing good in a country were over 50% of the people will openly admit to being racist

3810d ago
MazzingerZ3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Indeed, I played Bioshock on my X360 (R.I.P.) so no purchase for the PS3 version...I thought it was too much backtracking, though

Anyway, AAA titles like Bioshock ported 1 year after won't sell the same, people hangs around in forums, read and watch spoilers about a game they probably have accepted will never be able to play...not everyboy are PC gamers, there're a lot console-only gamers...those didn't feel like Bioshock PS3 was that fresh anymore...

Maybe now that we know all those are timed exclusives even if Microsfof/SONY say otherwise, we'll be more careful regarding that, I'll keep myself away from any LostPlanet2 related thread for example, not that I expect the story be awesome, I just love to see bosses for the first time when I play.

FF XIII can release after 6-12 months in Japan on the X360, why not?...but honestly who thinks someone in Japan that loves FF won't be getting the PS3 version or a PS3 to play it when it releases on the PS3? many of those hardcore FF fans will be left without playing FFXIII 6-12 months after release?...we should also take into account FF Versus...and also the FF on the PSP...SONY is clearly identified as the one delivering the whole FFXIII package

Square has nothing to lose as they have already developed a X360 version so it's just a matter of ship it, it will sell for sure 300-400k on the X360 by that time which is really good but it won't move that much HW which is the boost SONY is aiming at.

Any RPG fan knows the DualShock is the best controller for RPGs and fighting games, so those owning both a X360 and PS3 will be getting the PS3 version, even the hardest X360 fans, one thing is to be a fanboy and the other stupid to buy a version that you know can be enjoyed better on the PS3, this is a fact... that's why SFIV sells as good on the PS3 as on the X360, those multiplatform owners make the difference...

gaffyh3809d ago

Even if it does come out on the 360 in Japan, which I doubt, it will be after a period of PS3 exclusivity. So it won't affect PS3 sales.

The mindset for releasing on 360 outside of Japan is that there is a larger install base of 360 in EU/NA than there is of the PS3. But in Japan the situation is reversed, so it doesn't make that much sense to release the game on 360 in Japan, and it will shift like 200k units.

But it is Square Enix after all, so you never know.

morganfell3809d ago

SE is reaching the same fact filled realization as everyone else. Selling on the 360 in Japan is a waste of resources, time, and money.

AAACE53809d ago

I know this article is just to stir the pot, but i'll play along...

Will it release for 360 in japan... NO!

But with the way SE has been acting lately, you never know.

I guess it truely depends on how the sales for Advent Children Complete did. The main reason they included a demo was to build hype. If by some chance the sales numbers are low, SE might get scared and try to port it.

Honestly, the 360 just sold over a million, so technically, they are a contender. Everyone saw how a couple no name Rpg's helped move a couple units of the 360, and SE (with MS' words of wisdom) might be convinced that they can sell alot of units on the 360.

But like I said, no one knows, it's all just speculation, so who cares...

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Sony Rep3810d ago

No. Sony would have sealed that deal up.

The 360 will be left to die in Japan...

RememberThe3573809d ago

I don't think FFv13 is exclusive because Square wants it to be. I think it's still exclusive because Sony wont let them break the agreement.

ceedubya93810d ago

If there was a way to release the game on both platforms at the same time over there, then I'd see it as a possibility. It wouldn't hurt SE in any way to do so. But the PS3 version will be done, and I don't think they'll wait for the 360 version to catch up before releasing the game.

OmarJA3810d ago

Does it actually matters ?

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