Sony: No current plans for 80GB PS3

Sony has told Eurogamer today that it currently has no plans to produce an 80GB PS3, despite emerging reports that it filed with the FCC for the model.

"The 80GB we're not making a comment on, but we don't have any plans at the moment," a spokesperson for Sony Europe told Eurogamer.

Rumors began after the company filed with the US Federal Communications Commission to request a class II permissive change to reflect some Bluetooth tweaks to the console. Among the models listed for this were the currently available 20GB and 60GB offerings, as well as a new 80GB model.

It does, of course, follow yesterday's news that Microsoft will be introducing a new black Xbox 360 Elite with an HDMI port and 120GB sometime in the late summer.

Eurogamer finds it a touch bizarre that Sony would only go as high as 80GB, especially considering Ken Kutaragi's past comments of wanting to hit the 250GB storage size. Then again, you can just buy a regular PC hard disk and put it in the PS3 anyway.

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GaMr-4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

Kudos on the debunk. Beat me to it !!!

silent ninja4752d ago

of course they always come out and say no current plans

r10004752d ago

jeez an extra 20 gigs doesn't seem plausible for a different sku... kind of unnecessary... it just doesn't seem substantial enough....

GrooveChampion4752d ago

Perhaps now we can stop reading news stories about PS3 Elite.

brianodom4752d ago

even if they did, Sony usually drops the price of keeps it the same ..ala PS2

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The story is too old to be commented.