New Star Wars game detailed

Entertainment Weekly:

"Star Wars fans: We have some juicy details about the next game to take place in your favorite galaxy far, far away."


The link was temporarily broken. It should work now.

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micro_invader3812d ago

Duplicate story.

But I'll comment anyway. Not very excited for this game, I'm just waiting for the next battlefront to come along.

Kushan3812d ago

I'll get excited when they stop blatantly milking the franchise.

LinuxGuru3811d ago

I don't care about anything STAR WARS related unless it has the word BATTLEFRONT next to or underneath STAR WARS.

Ssxtreme363811d ago

just give me battlefront 3 and we'll call it a day.....the battles online were so epic....

ZombieNinjaPanda3811d ago

I was so excited...then so let down.

Eff you lucasarts.

You bastards better release Battlefront 3 soon! It's your highest selling franchise!

Hobadoon3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

The first 40 seconds, then I would've been interested. But then I saw the game play.

2001 called...

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