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Insanium3809d ago

The best generation of Pokemon, being remade with beautiful color and 3D... I'm crying tears of joy.

DrRobotnik3809d ago

me too.

OmarJA3809d ago

Yeah me too... :D

Finally i can reunite with my best six friends. :D

PinkUni3808d ago

...thats not really 3d

and beautiful color?
theres practically no technological difference between the gameboy color and ds...

i mean the pokemon series pretty much proves that...

they all look the same, and they all have the same gameplay

Mindboggle3808d ago

I loved pokemon gold and silver when i was a kid. For me it was the best era of pokemon and had just enough pokemon. When they started adding more pokemon it got stupid and alot of people grew up and lost interest.

Kushan3808d ago

The picture associated with this news post is NOT the new version. Watch the video to see what it's supposed to be like - yes it's 3D.

Bubble Buddy3808d ago

*sniff, I've been waiting for this for so long :'). Best generation for games right here (Y).

phosphor1123808d ago

I wanted to see the game, not them jizzing over the fact that the person took a few steps left and a few right. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE.

Show me more of the game not pictures of pokemon! >=/

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OmarJA3809d ago

Damn! she got big ears... :D

qface643809d ago

but shes cute if you ask me >.>

DrRobotnik3808d ago

something to hold on to.

Sonyslave33809d ago

damn i would love a pokemon rpg game.

jivah3809d ago

dude pokemon is an rpg game..

Ashriel3809d ago

XD very funny, Nelson guy.

iceman28853809d ago

Those Japanese TV shows are nucking futs!

Erotic Sheep3809d ago

I agree, wtf is wrong with Japanese people? lmao

[email protected]3808d ago

You know, this kind of show aren't focus on grow up/kind of mature person... kid on Japan love this kind of TV show, every kid does.

mt3808d ago

i hope you are from those people who has culture , my friend .

jivah3809d ago

umm i wud definitely get dis game if it doesnt take advantage of da dual screen on a ds...
i realli hate da whole dual screen thing..i prefer 1 screen like psp or gameboy adv.

soo if it does use 1 screen den ill play it..2 screens den pass for me..ill stick wit classic gold n silver

Cheeseknight283809d ago

Bottom screen will likely be the handheld PDA you had in the last game, that gave you various info.

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The story is too old to be commented.