Toronto Thumbs: High School Musical 3 Sing It Review

Toronto Thumbs writes: "Admittedly, High School Musical 3 Sing It probably wasn't designed for a 27-year-old who has only seen the film once and only saw it because she has recently developed might be considered an inappropriate fascination with the swoopy-banged Zac Efron. But I found it a fun solo game nonetheless.

A karaoke style sing-a-long featuring songs from all three of the HSM flicks, the game ticks all the boxes in terms of happy visuals, cheery menus, and what appeared to me to be very lenient scoring. Perfect for a tween girl (or guy) who is a fan of the series and is keen to show-off just how well they can harmonize with the aforementioned Zac (Troy in the movies), the brunette girl, the bitchy blonde one, or the guy who is a bit camp but who never has his sexuality probed any further. Play choices for the fan going solo include picking a single song, lining up a set list of up to five to sing in a row in gig mode, or the most terrifying of choices, "You're on Your Own" in which the song plays with no words or pitch bar and you're left to warble though blindly hoping that your score at the end of the three minutes isn't too atrocious."

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