Nintendo Now: Lux-Pain Review

Lux-Pain is a pretty simple game, that mostly consists of talking to various characters and then having to dig up worms from them. This simple premise may not appeal to everyone due to the small amount of gameplay in the game. If you don't like reading text after text of continuous dialogue, then this game isn't for you. Even those who can handle games like this, may still not enjoy it due to how bad the text is done.

It's not at the point of being unreadable, but it may ruin the experience for some. Nintendo Now still enjoyed the game quite a bit and was able to experience a pretty nice story, and one that they wouldn't mind playing over again. If you're a person who can handle reading a lot of text(full of many errors) and wouldn't mind a game with small amounts of gameplay, then you may come to like Lux-Pain.

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