Guitar Hero: Metallica offers exclusive costumes for UK limited edition

TGS: "UK retailer HMV has detailed contents of a Guitar Hero: Metallica limited edition which will include content unavailible anywhere else!"


Despite claims that HMV are calling these extra costumes 'exclusive', these costumes are availible in all versions of the game as an unlockable.

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Elven63817d ago

The cards sound cool, what the hell is a "zombie" outfit? Wait, I don't think I want to know!

outlawlife3817d ago

ummm both of those costumes are in the north america version

you unlock them in career

memots3816d ago

Wtf is the gaming industry has come to?

Is this Barbie doll or fraking gaming we are talking about here.

wow .. just wow.

go change cloth on your avatar or something.