PS3 outsells Wii in Japan for the 10th consecutive week

The Playstation 3 has now outsold the Nintendo Wii in Japan for the 10th week in a row, according to Media Create. The streak started with the release of Yakuza 3 at the end of February.

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CaseyRyback_CPO3813d ago

Shui Ta needs to take another photo..i lol every time i look at his mug.

shingo3813d ago


on topic, YEAH BABY!!! GO PS3! GO!!

US is next :P

Ps3fanbaby3813d ago

well this pic is full of proudness

BananaSlug3813d ago

thats what i call a face for radio... or in this case, a face for blogging

Ssxtreme363813d ago

why do people keep making a big deal over this whole ps3 situation in japan? pretty much everyone in japan already has a wii so of course your going to see the sales go down eventually......

i was surprised the first time i heard about this 2 months ago but it seems like every week on N4G you have people who use this as "news" in order to either rally up hits for their site or raise their ranking here on N4G

as for being a fanboy, im not.....actually i don't have either next gen console yet and I've been holding out on getting a ps3 before a 360 due to many of the games and features i've seen and enjoyed using so if i get any disagrees (knowing N4G i will, there always seems to be people who either cant comprehend a comment or fanboys who take games TOO SERIOUSLY) its not that im a fanboy for a particular console its just that this kind of news is getting old and i wish the site as well as the submitters of these stories would find something new to report/ blog about.

speaking of the site......

*stares at the website its linking to.....*

oh of course, how am i not surprised by this......

DrWan3813d ago

the market is full from saturation, all you have to look at is the number of DS on the market you will get a sense of market saturation in japan. Eventhough it is one per household, it is far from saturation.

An more accuate saturation point is probably numbers of PS2 in the household.

3813d ago
Ssxtreme363813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

edit: OMFG....this turned out longer than i thought it would, heh...sorry about that

if anyone got offended by my comment, im sorry but to me it almost seems like common knowledge by now......well, maybe common knowledge is a bad example but here's where i stand....

when the wii was dominating for all those weeks on end where were all the articles about that? and when i mean "dominating" im saying outselling every system for weeks on end. why did we not see articles about that popping up every week? (now im not trying to say that the ps3 is now taking that kind of approach but I've seen this same article on this site on 2 other occasions, i think we all get the picture by now that the ps3 is doing well in do it anymore would be, well....not so classy as what sony always tries to be)

to me i feel like we've seen this article (or a form of it for example, "ps3 outsells the wii for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th week in a row....") and in a sense this is rallying up fanboys who only care about sales (underline sales). i say if you own a ps3 it shouldn't really matter how well its doing anywhere, as long as they keep putting games out for it im cool! you have the same people who went around chanting that the ps3 will dominate in 2007, 2008, and now in 2009 commenting on this article saying stuff like "time for it to dominate in the US!".... how many times have i heard that before? i stopped say that after MGS4 came out and didn't blow up as people thought it would (sure it did great but you had those fanboys screaming as if the game was going to be a new halo....) when it finally does, ill be happy but until then.....slow down to a more "reasonable" level

the funniest part about that type of comment is that when it comes to saying something like that anywhere on a ps3 related article here on N4G you'll see that person get over 9000 positive thumbs (exaggeration but still a hilarious amount) and the one time where i ask the question of "haven't we already seen this type of article before" with a pro-ps3 attitude i get buried as if i died or something. i had a feeling something like that would happen but damn, thanks for proving my point about something else that im not going to bring up because next people are going to start thinking im bashing N4G and ps3 fan(boys), then not read the rest of this comment, and continue the burring rituals on me.....

But back to my response...... didn't you guys already think this was going to happen sooner or later? the wii has been doing outstandingly well in japan for years but you guys almost act like the sales and the hype weren't going to slow down eventually. what i was trying to say originally was that its cool to see ps3 wining in a continent where it has mostly been in *insert position here*(because what ever place i say i feel like someone is going to automatically correct me so go but an article like this done this many times is almost like their bragging about finally being, congrats for the...10th time, do i still have to wear my party hat and bring a gift for next week?......i mean i get it, its doing do you guys have any other game related news or are you just looking for hits?

as DrWan said, everybody may not have a wii in japan but.... you would think that allot of them do just by looking at the numbers it has done in the past and is still doing now so to me its not much of a surprise to see another console take the spot least before monster hunter 3 comes out (cant wait!) but i agree with you point and after reading my comment over i saw that i might have exaggerated so, +1 for you (literally, i agreed to your comment)

and to MAiKU, im not necessarily trying to flame it or "jam it all over the place". if i were to do that i would say something outlandish like "who gives a sh*t, its a console made in japan....." (although it may sound like my original post was leaning in that "i dont care with an attitude" direction i was trying to say it in a way where no one would get upset and think i was bashing the ps3 for doing well) to respond to your example, its not like im saying that particular place of a person's face isn't attractive, its just that seeing an close up of it every week just becomes un-appealing and un-interesting to continue seeing (articles wise). it become non-news worthily over and more grabbing for attention, that is if you don't care about sales. for an even better example lets turn the tables to here in America. the wii is doing great here and selling better than the ps3 and 360 but does that mean when it does that 10 times or more that we really need to write an article about it? it just gets tedious after a while and im sure (i would hope) that you would even get annoyed by that.....

as a final thing thanks for at least leaving a reply and not doing a hit and run with negative thumbs (like what the other 6 people did :D) thanks for at least letting me know you guys weren't just disagreeing with my agreement because you felt like i was bashing the system or i was some kind of fanboy troll. i love the ps3 and its great to hear that its doing great in japan but i just feel like its a bit un-fair be reporting so frequently about a system doing this well when if next week the wii were to end ps3's selling spree, there would most likely be no article saying "ps3's joy ride has come to a halt" (i'd lol because that would be an attention getting title, for fanboys at least).......but japan could always prove me wrong? but overall, its cool to hear it one time, the 2nd & 3rd times would be interesting as well but hearing about it doing that weeks later times.....cmon.....

i still feel like im still going to get those random "hit and run disagree-ers" but at least i got my point across in a more reasonable attitude. you cant please everyone on this site and to be honest, im not ready to go back to praising everything sony says or does....

cmrbe3813d ago

The PS2 alone sold 21 million in Japan. The wii is far far from saturation point with 8 million with sales in decline in Japan.

The reason why this is news is the fact that the PS3 has manage to keep it up.

Normally you would see the PS3 outsell the wii for a couple of weeks after a major release and then things would go back to normal later. I expected that after RE and Yakuza 3 but surprisingly the Ps3 is still leading.

Look. As a PS fan i didn't expect this to happen soon. I only expected the PS3 to outsell the wii continueously in Japan after a price drop to $299 or when the PS3 gets a steady stream of JRPG's.

The wii looked unstoppable before in Japan but this has caught people in a surprise. Now people are starting to wonder if indeed the wii popularity is starting to fade.

Its still early days but my guess is its just a phase. I am still expcting the wii to be on top again soon. I am just being realistic.

Delive3812d ago

It seems you spent more time writing about how your not a fanboy and what fanboys do than actually talking about the topic.

I think is a situation where true colors are starting to show. The Wii is a fun, inexpensive, quick fix. The PS3 was an expensive investment with little software to back the expense. As time has gone on, the PS3's value is showing a little better and the Wii's novelty factor is showing.

king dong23812d ago

i've just picked up a ps3 with killzone2, resistance2, mgs4 and pes09 and i'm very pleased with it...BUT I DONT GIVE A F%^K ABOUT SALES FIGURES...

ffs i've got all three and dont care which sells what, where and how.

sort it out fanboys, and stop the little celebration everytime japans figures get posted....coz you all start crying when npd destroys your hopes every month, then claim that the 360 fanboys only care about sales...

double standard hypocrites all of you.

Ssxtreme363812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

im just happy im getting a chance to discuss this with people who seemingly know what they are talking about but to reply to the previous comments....

i think my overall point/statement i was trying to get across was that its cool to see that the ps3 is succeeding in japan but do we really need to see this kind of article every single week? i think Delive might have over looked what i said a bit in my 2nd comment but i still agree with what he said about the wii. its about time people started realizing that its just a quick fix and not a long running multimedia system like the ps3 or 360. i still agree with what delive said about me spending more time talking about fanboys and such but the main reason i said that was because i felt it was something that needed to be brought up. i was questioning why a semi pro-ps3 fan like myself was being thumbed down for being a little optimistic while at the same time wondering why we keep seeing the same articles over and over again....its not like this article is throwing fuel into the flame war, its more like throwing cake to the fat kids....if you understand what im saying (your only pleasing the people who actually care about that but to everyone else, its just filler material)

and to cmrbe, i get that its surprising to see the ps3 doing well at its current price point against 2 other systems, one of which has done very well in the past but i guess the real question now would be how long will it continue to do that. im optimistic about that and i really hope more people start opening their eyes and start seeing what all the ps3 can do and how much of a good buy it really is. the wii may not have sold as much as the ps2 in japan but in the continent where the ps2 is still selling well and its older/ newer brother is its follow up, it was only a matter of time before it happened so yeah, its surprising while at the same time not surprising (for me).

and the king dong2's response, that's exactly what i've been meaning to say! you dont understand how excited yet frustrated i am about bring that point across. IF YOUR A GAMER IT SHOULDNT MATTER WHETHER OR NOT YOUR SYSTEM IS DOING WELL OR NOT IN SALES so for everyone who thumbed me down for saying that....i dont know, i guess people really do care about that stuff when it really doesn't affect them. i could understand thumbing down my statement if i was wrong or something along the lines of that but thumbing it down just because it seemed like i was down talking the ps3 is a bit....i dont know, i really cant say that i understand that kind of logic, it just makes me wonder why people care that much about a system when their offensive (not offending) support for the system isn't making it look any better in the eyes of gamers who are entering this console generation and looking for a side to choose. i hate it actually because when ever i jump into a ps3 related topic and start being a little optimistic i get bashed for it but im not going to even get on the whole fanboy subject like delive mentioned because then i'd be taking my eyes away from the article and more on the community that is eating it up. so thank you for bringing that up (delive)....

and if you thumbed down any of my previous statements (or even this one since i know thats what will most likely happen) please leave a reason why so i dont start thinking that i have some sort of negative fan base thats following me around doing nothing but thumbing down my comments just because im *enter position in console war here*.....
i want people to correct me where im wrong, not follow me around and thumb down my comments because i bring a convincing argument.....if you feel the way you do, leave a reply....if not, well i guess we already know whats about to happen, right?....

patterson3812d ago

PS3: 299,151
Wii: 169,828

Difference of: 129,323

That's almost 2x! @[email protected]

N4g_null3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Yeah this is getting pretty boring. I mean 120 k is a lot but really the Wii did 300-400+ very easily over there. The PS3 is only beating it by 20k...

Here are the latest Media Create console hardware sales from Japan for the week of Apr 27 - May 3:

1. PSP - 49,557 [919,679]
2. DSi - 49,133 [1,018,721]
3. PlayStation 3 - 23,588 [494,639]
4. Wii - 21,546 [471,818]
5. NDS Lite - 7,540 [246,251]
6. Xbox 360 - 7,313 [185,456]
7. PlayStation 2 - 5,479 [95,935]

I'm glad the PS3 is doing so well though. It would suck to see SONY leave gaming. Yet 8,450 Game Biz Workers Lost Jobs Since July 2008.

That is pretty sad. Most of these guys worked on HD games only. You guys do realize what the PS3 would look like with out western HD games right? Ok here is a question who like FPS, how many came from japan? Yeah that's right! If nintendo would have died the way you guys wanted them to die then the shut down would have happened a lot sooner.

Hey but this is about japan and cheering about SONY winning a territory that nintendo owned. The truth is many of us can only guess why it is happening, which is not good. Another thing is why is this not happening in america? The middle and upper class are still rich right?

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Spike473813d ago

anyway, the Wii is in for a beating when FF13 and ff versus 13 hit japanese stores. The Wii is wide open with barely any games to make the console noticeable. Sony should really take advantage of this.

ChickeyCantor3813d ago

DRAGON QUEST...And then there is FF:CC:CB....
Yeah FF13 will do great, ill be getting it myself...but you also have to take DQX into count.

pippoppow3813d ago

FF movie with Demo really boosted the PS3's popularity in Japan. 7 more months until FF13 and sales will most likely increase even more right before the games release date. From here on out the Wii and PS3 will probably be trading the 1 and 2 positions at the very least.

DrRobotnik3813d ago

Its only a matter of time till the Japanese Wii owner realizes that this is as far as the wii, visually will take them. And will start to crave that HD content.

dericb113813d ago

Well that and the lack of games.

nightelfmohawk3813d ago

Sony wake now. Sony hungrrryyy.....

Timesplitter143813d ago

I read that with Mr T's face and voice in mind

cereal_killa3813d ago

Someone give Sony and Mr.T a snickers

Smacktard3812d ago

theKiller, stop talking out of your butt. Software sales have nothing to do with hardware sales. Also, hardware sales are tracked from stores. NPD tracks how many Xboxes Wal-Mart, and Zellers, and etc., etc. sell. Not how many Microsoft replaces.

Smacktard3812d ago

Oops, replied to the wrong comment. Ignore the above >.>

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ultimolu3813d ago

Nintendo better do something. That's insane. o.o

Slime3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Are you kidding?

Nintendo don't have to do anything. They are 5 million ahead.

Timesplitter143813d ago

Maybe that's not as far fetched as it sounds. Just wait until FF13 comes out. People are hungry for this gen's first TRUE RPG hit. Consider that FFX sold 2 milion copies in its first week and sold a total of 10 milion units, now add the "first good RPG of this gen, after 3 years" factor and see the world explode. Well at least Japan.

MasFlowKiller3813d ago

"Nintendo don't have to do anything. They are 5 million ahead."
its not about making money for a small amount of time,should they just wait to lose most of their lead before they do something?

ultimolu3813d ago

Slime, if FFXIII comes out for the PS3 only in Japan, Nintendo better start praying for a miracle ro hold on to their lead.

Disagree Wii fanboys. I don't hate the Wii but it's true.

n4f3813d ago

calm down ps3 outsell wii by a few while the wii outsell it by 2:1 sometime 3:1.
then again congratulation sony

Slime3813d ago

The Wii already has some Final Fantasy XIII repellent!

Dragon Quest X

Smacktard3813d ago

And Monster Hunter 3. But that doesn't enjoy nearly the same amount of success that Final Fantasy does.

Sarcasm3813d ago

"Nintendo better do something. That's insane. o.o "

"Nintendo don't have to do anything. They are 5 million ahead."

Microsoft better do something.

Either quit or give the 360s for free and add it to overall sales.


Jamegohanssj53813d ago


Sarcasm isn't that what they're already doing? Adding fake sales to the charts?


ChickeyCantor3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )


Wii is also getting a full adventure packed FF game.
Fact is: PS3 and Wii are gonna battle epic in japan.

CobraKai3812d ago

The PS3 stepped up its game and if Nintendo doesn't do anything they'll continue to get stepped on. At least it's a win win for us gamers cuz the best outcome is better games from both.

At least that's what I hope. Knowing Nintendo, they can just release a new worthless peripheral with a "cheaper than dirt to make" pack in game featuring Mii's and they'll shoot back up.

Kill Crow3812d ago

so insignificant ... PS3 still lost out world wide to both the wii and the 360 ... now that's amazing don't you think?

no I didn't think so ....

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