UGO: Velvet Assassin Review

UGO writes: "Based on the real life WWII story of Violette Szabo, secret agent and saboteur extraordinaire, Velvet Assassin is a first-gen game disguised in next-gen clothes. Linear missions, mediocre graphics and an apparently amnesiac (though music-loving) German Army darkens the underlying gameplay, which can be fun and satisfying when the game is humming on all cylinders. When it's not, Velvet Assassin can leave you as baffled as a puppy looking at itself in the mirror. The good news is that if you are a fan of stealth games, then you are most likely a patient gamer, and VA will reward you for your patience. Missions grow increasingly more fun the more you play, and if you dig deeper than the graphics, clipping single solution missions, you can find some good hours in this game."

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