First screenshots/art of Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver

The first screenshots/art of the Pokemon Gold/Silver remakes have come from the latest Pokemon Sunday.

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gaffyh3814d ago

Ok so it's kinda like half-way between pokemon and Zelda phantom hourglass graphically. Better than I expected, but I would have hoped for a fully 3D pokemon by now (not collosseum).

shazui1233814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Does anyone actually care about another pokemon game, really? hasnt there been enough pokemon nintendo love? its just my opinion but the only one i can remember playing and liking is colisseum.
Also the sales will prove me wrong but theyre all really terrible games, I swear people just buy it for the sake of it, knowing its bad.

Panthers3814d ago

LOL Pokemon is an amazing game and the best portable game there is. It is the most fun I have had playing an RPG. And since Gold/Silver were the best pokemon games, these remakes are more than welcome.

keops33814d ago

panthers is RIGHT


I saw the announcement live and wowed!!!

SpoonyRedMage3814d ago

I really hope that your starter Pokémon follows you around, that would be awesome.

If you want a full 3d mon collecting RPG though you need to play Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker.

shazui1233814d ago

I guess its just too softcore for me then. I really wish nintendo would expand their target audience more like they did with dead space extraction and the conduit e.t.c because i see they have great potential with their install base and obviously, money to spend on development. Because in my opinion these kinda games really dont make me want to go out and buy a nintendo system, I guess it works differently for 8 year olds and pensioners /jk

jkashuba073814d ago

Red/Blue was the best series, then ruby/sapphire then diamond/pearl then silver/gold :P lol

Panthers3814d ago

Really? G/S had 2 regions to explore and a ton to do. Ruby/Saphire is probably at the bottom for me. G/S first then Platinum

Avenged Sevenfold3814d ago

G/S/C, FR/LG/, R/B/Y/, D/P/P, R/S/E. That's my opinion on which are the best.

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The story is too old to be commented.