The Future of PSP -- Tekken Team

Japanese game developers Haruki Suzaki and Shinobu Kiriyama were recently interviewed regarding the future of the PlayStation Portable. The pair were all praises for Sony's dynamic handheld and shared some insights on the matter.

They said that the learning experience they had in developing Tekken: Dark Resurrection was one that required them to completely rethink the concept of the game. What amazed them, however, was the fact that the small PSP had enough hardware power to sustain a game comparable to full-sized consoles.

"It is a high performance portable game device. With the acceptance that wireless LAN connectivity will only become more popular, I am interested in seeing something that takes full advantage of its network capability and its portability," said Suzaki.

Kiriyama also noted that the best may yet come for the PSP. He said that what Sony could do for third-party developers like Namco is "take the lead by creating a defining, exceptional PSP game, I believe that it would become easier for all developers to create new titles."

And regarding the future of the PSP? The Tekken team had this simple message: "The PSP provides high quality graphics, allowing the player to experience a similar level of gameplay to the home console. I believe that there are many possibilities with the portability element, and the tie-in with the PS3, that will enrich the game experience.

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