Chinese MMOs: Ripping Off WoW?

For those who missed it earlier this week, Chinese company "The9 Ltd" announced a new MMO called World of Fight. Some of you may be thinking "so what?", but if you look deeper into things, the whole situation starts looking dodgy. You see, The9's contract to run World of Warcraft in China expires next month, with rival company NetEase set to replace them. It was only after this was revealed that The9 announced World of Fight, which has an almost identical URL to WoW's Chinese website. Only one letter separates the two URLs, which it might have been possible to say was coincidence if it wasn't for the other available evidence.

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TOO PAWNED3812d ago

Chinese copy someone?! Nooooo, that is not possible! What an unusual case...

zoneofenders3811d ago

well i am pretty sure its warhammer online..........
its just no one knows warhammer in china so i guess the company took a silly decision and change the warhammer into world of fight...what a silly name

Jinxstar3811d ago

Exactly what I was going to say. People act like WoW was original in anyway... It just made a good balance of casual/hardcore that others missed. And cartoony graphics that many thought attractive...

Baka-akaB3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Yeah right , its so generic it had a quest system most game werent doing yet (and even when then did often without it's pvp ) , and a graphic style you only see in warhammer stuff , and even then in a quite different way .

The9 should be sued period ...

L-a-i-n3811d ago

Yah there is nothing original about WoW. I personal dislike that graphic style. I hate the game myself, but a lot of people enjoy it. Why wouldn't they anybody can play it and be max level within a few days. Let them enjoy there WoW so they will stay away from my MMORPG games it is nice to see all the kids leave for WoW. This is all just my opinion don't let me hurt your fealings if you enjoy playing it.

thehitman3811d ago

And WoW is a rip off of korean MMO's whats new??

Kakkoii3811d ago

Exactly. WoW didn't do anything new that hadn't already been done in other MMO's. They just did it more low poly count lol.

picker3323810d ago

That's all i see nowday's

I hate it!

Most players in wow are kids who are trying to escape from reality.

Oh & the damn whining oh my the damn whining.

Can't forget the cartoonish graphic girls that kids like to mastubate to...& old people aswell.