Nintendo responds to criticism over lack of new Wii releases

Nintendo's European marketing director has responded to criticism that the Wii doesn't have enough first party software support. His response is: we'll release the games when they're finished, and not before.

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omansteveo4314d ago

I hope it picks up soon they make great games it would be a shame if we have to wait every 6 months for a good like they're last to systems

Silver Bull3t4314d ago

Not important if you can't find a freakin' Wii to play them on!... I still havn't seen any around since US launch (I'm in the states). So it's been like 4 months and still nada. It's not like the Wii has uber-hardware either, so it shouldn't be so difficult to supply the demand.

Personally I'm losing interest in the Wii simply due to availability issues. The more I spend for games/peripherals on my 360 is fewer dollars I'm willing to spend to support another console. Get with the game Nintendo.

ItsDubC4314d ago

Ya I think Nintendo could be selling way more Wiis if they hadn't underestimated the demand for it. Apparently, Nintendo has only had one manufacturer of the product, which is why they're so hard to find. And now I'm hearing news that Nintendo's finally seeking out more manufacturers to produce Wiis to meet the demand? They should've done that a month or two ago. If people have to go out of their way to get a Wii, many will just lose interest.

I think it's ridiculous for Gamestop to claim that Nintendo is purposefully crafting supply shortages. Other than being able to brag that demand for the Wii far exceeds supply, what good would it do to create shortages from a business standpoint? Am I missing something here?

hfaze4314d ago

If your system is still impossible to find six months after launch, then your average consumer is going to assume that it is the greatest of the three consoles... Thus why you can't find them anywhere...

The Wii is using technology that's AT LEAST seven years old... All off-the-shelf components (no custom CPU, no custom GPU, heck even the motion sensors are off-the-shelf components), there is NO reason that they can't crank the things out in HUGE numbers...

The problem is that once everybody that wants one has one, the hype will naturally subside some... Especially once gamers get a taste of the EXTREMELY weak online service with the Wii (each game has a DIFFERENT "friend code" to keep up with, gimme a break...)

Nintendo's ONLY hope is to keep a steady stream of great games coming... Unlike what they did with the N64 and GameCube launches...

I personally have the utmost respect for Nintendo as a software developer, but I think they're goombas as far as hardware and online services go...

Maddens Raiders4314d ago

is a saying that goes something like: "If we don't learn from our past mistakes, we are doomed to repeat history." Why is Nintendo repeating history?

FamoAmo4314d ago

I have a 360 and recently bought the Wii. I have to say it is old school FUN. The Wii is so fun. I laugh all the time while playing it. The motion controllers rock and are easy to use. UNTIL YOU PLAY THE Wii YOU SHOULDN'T KNOCK IT. I still love the 360 for realism and more real games but the Wii is good ol fun

kewlkat0074314d ago

I'm trying to purchase a Wii right now, if anybody can help Im me.

ITR4313d ago

April will be your best bet.

Circuit City had some last weekend.