TheStartScreen: inFamous Demo Impressions

Empire City, it's not as great as the pamphlets suggest. Gang-related crime is out of control, there's an odd problem with electricity and don't even get me started on the gas prices! $8.67 a gallon? No thanks, I'll walk. Oh wait, the sidewalk is filled with sick people taking a nap. Thankfully, our little trip to Empire City was covered by Miz Calamity. Just click the jump to read our inFamous demo impression.


Updated the section about Cole's powers in the demo.

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Trey4Lyfe3814d ago

Xbot course of action

Plan A. This game sucks, the critics will hate it!

Result: Failure, Critics love it

Plan B inatiated: "Sales"

TheRockNRolla3814d ago

Sorry, I'm not trying to make it sound like I'm insulting the game or anything if that's where you're trying to go. I actually praised it. Just trying to make the beginning of it sound entertaining.

Trey4Lyfe3814d ago

i was taking a shot at the fanboys who think if a game doesnt sell 5 million copies its a automatic flop,

I enjoyed your preview sorry for the confusion

TheRockNRolla3814d ago

It's all cool. I didn't go to bed last night so that's where the confusion is coming from lol.

interrergator3814d ago

get some coffee lol i cant wait for this game anyway

TheRealSpy023814d ago

trey wtf are you talking about?

there isn't a single person in this thread saying anything bad about this game.

Microsoft Xbox 3603814d ago

We need an ElPresador review of this game.

Trey4Lyfe3814d ago

if a game doesnt get bad reviews, they turn to sales so they can call it a flop, its happened here before, and it'll happen again

kevnb3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

nobody said anything bad so you make up an argument for the other side lol. I know the argument has come up for other games in the past, but still come on... comments like those aren't relevant to the article or this thread.
anyway, I played some of the demo and it rocks!

queerbearandchicken3814d ago

WRONG, he's not making it up, people will do that to this game, stop being naive you know the xbots will bash its sales should its reviews be positive

DaTruth3814d ago

Now I wish I didn't pre-order at EB for the Giga-blades. I really want to play this demo. Will this turn up on PSN, is it only early access?
I new this game would be hot from two years ago, just had a feeling!

Trey4Lyfe3813d ago

The Demo will be available for everyone May 21st

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blusoops3814d ago

Can't wait for this game! The Power Trip video really got me hyped for this.

Hulk04083814d ago

I played the demo and IT WAS GLORIOUS!! I can't wait either man.

EastCoastSB3814d ago

Maybe they worked out those parkour kinks by the final build. If not then it's not a huge deal to me, games are never perfect and most people who have played the demo had nothing but a good time.

TheRockNRolla3814d ago

Hope so. Even if it's not, I still had a lot of fun climbing around the city and seeing the sights.

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