Tech-Gaming: Saucelifter Review

Tech-Gaming writes: "Humanity's love affair with the flying saucer has been a strange one. During the late 1940s, sci-fi began to explode and filled the imaginations of many. Baby-boomers grew up surrounded by the idea of space aliens, both sinister and heroic. My parents are baby-boomers and I, too, have shared this fascination. I wasn't just interested in the concept of space aliens, I wanted a flying saucer of my own with or without the aliens. Having an understanding of very basic aerodynamics at a young age, I took a shine to anything that seemed to turn aerodynamics into a plaything. Recently, $30 bought such a plaything for myself. Now $1.99 USD can buy your own flying saucer adventure with Saucelifter! for the iPhone/Touch."

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