Eurogamer Portugal preview: inFamous

Editor writes: "Cole is on hand to become the hero or anti-hero, perhaps the God that the city needs to move on. It is expected some variety when it comes to missions, the electricity can be even used by Cole to be crucial in the conduct of certain actions."

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The General3814d ago

Even Eurogamer likes it?

Another AAA title confirmed for the PS3. It's getting ridiculous. The reason PS3 exclusives don't sell a million in a day like the two Xbox 360 exclusives is because there's too many to choose from. It's crazy. Sales don't matter, it's the quality of games and the PS3 is a console that just keeps on giving.

Thank you Sony and Thank You Sucker Punch.

Saren Arterius3814d ago

If AAA is the new definition for B quality game, I'm with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111 111111111111!

Good thing that Sony is releasing this in May, because Prototype was going to murder it in June.

lh_swe3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Bring it!
Prototype doesn't hold a candle to Infamous. Every credible journalist out there has their eyes set on this game, not Prototype.
But from a personal perspective you might prefer Prototype, Infamous will be more critically acclaimed nonetheless.

Labwarriorbot3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Because they have to settle for inferior crap, so they trashtalk the competitions games.

Its a no brainer, really.
From the developers, to presentation, artistic style to graphics, gameplay, uniqueness, to the level difference of technical development. Infamous beats out prototype, which is a multiplatform game that many PS3 owners will enjoy aswell. You gotta be delusional to use multiplatform games to compare against elite PS3 exclusives. The only exclusive 360 game that should be compared to Infamous is the silly Crackdown.

Speaking of comparing the number 1 of the genres respectively to inferior alternatives:

MGS4 (considered number 1 in stealth/ action by the market) is somehow inferior to Splinter cell? Splinter, a game thats not even considered to be a competitor but just another run of the mill stealth action by the market?

Or Gran turismo (the number 1 in racing by the market) somehow going to be inferior than Forza? ROFL Forza is not even a real sim racer. Its just another of the 20 racers that got released last 3 years. Nothing special at all. But somehow, fanboys hyped it to be GT killer, right? ROFL. PS3 converting EVERYONE. Including die hard 360 fanboys like Eurogamer.

So better be smart how you gonna play your cards next 9 months cos if you dont start saving now, you will end this console war (6 years from now) and missing out on 50-60 of the highest acclaimed games by then. Because they are all PS3 exclusives.

How can you call yourself a true gamer when you missed out 60-80% of the best games thats out there. The new generation of gamers will laugh at your face when you try to talk games with them. "Oh hey man, I just finished Killzone 3. My god, what a blast. Man, that just hyped me up for KZ1 and KZ2. Im thinking of buying those too. What do you think man."

And your response: "uh...I...I...I dont know man...I uh..I uhh...I never uhh..I never uhhh ...played...before...killzone 1...uhh and kz2.."

Do you want to be called a JOKE?


@response below.
Lol at the epic denial by the 360 fanboys. And just exactly how many millions more do 360 exclusives sell? Last time, I checked, there were only two 360 games that sell millions. Halo and GeOW.

Other 360 exclusive, which arent a lot by the way, sell like CRAP. From LO to Star ocean to Ninja Blade. Wanna name some.

MGS4 sold more than GeOW and GT5 WILL sell more than Halo. So how are you selling more games, again? NAME THOSE FLOPS then. Banjo flopped hard.

I love how delusional fanboys suddenly use the sales argument. If you wanna talk about sales, Nintendo is the clear winner in both software and hardware.

POKEMON BLOWS HALO sales OUT OF THE WATER. One look at Nintendo exclusives (galaxy, zelda, brawl, wii sport, wii fit) and they ALL BLOW your sales out of the water. They have more multi million selling games and you are a delusional gamer. So how exactly are you selling more, delusional boy.

You really want to compare? Nintendo made 2-4 billion just in the last 2 years with gaming. How much has MS made? In the last 8- 9 years, MS LOST 9 BILLION in gaming. Yea, MS sure is doing good yo. ROFL.


First, it was Blu Ray is gonna die. Then it was digital downloads. Then it was, the "no games" argument. Then, it was the "360 is more powerful than PS3. The graphics card prove it- BS". Then, it was "but 360 is EQUALLY powerful cos look at the multi platform". Then, it was "but, but, but 360 can deliver games just as good looking as Uncharted, MGS4 or KZ2" (still waiting btw). Then, it was the harddrive is not needed. Then, it was the "haha, you have installs" (ROFL- what?). Then, it was haha "waitstation". Then, it was "you...just wait till GDC!" Then, it was the "PS3 has YLOD!" And now, its the "but, but, but...we still sell more games!" (which you really dont).

ROFL that people, is why gamers call these fanboys DE-FKING-LUSIONAL.


SRU96003813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

"The reason PS3 exclusives don't sell a million in a day like the two Xbox 360 exclusives is because there's too many to choose from."

lol @ the epic denial that is on display here.

The reason that the big AAA PS3 exclusives don't sell a million in one day is due to one very simple reason: lack of consumer interest in those games.

Microsoft is really dialed in to what gamers want this gen.

Sony? Not so much.

Labwarriorbot is about to blow a gasket. lol

PinkFunk3813d ago

Wow. Labwarriorbot: you make us PS3 fans look like fools. You're the kind of douche that starts these lousy, unproductive flamewars. While reading your comment, I was just waiting for you to spew off the infamous Sony 09 lineup (pun intended), which is ultimately completely irrelevent.

inFamous looks absolutely awesome.

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Mandaspt3814d ago

From what I see the game has a lot of jaggies and screen tearing. Hope they fixe this in the final version.

DavidMacDougall3814d ago

Don't you worry yourself about that, the game is looking fine to me

redsquad3814d ago

Wow, has anybody said anything really bad about INFAMOUS yet (apart from those in terrified denial like Saren Arterius of course!)?

Really glad I ordered this title - Gonna have a ball with it!!

Obama3814d ago

The Mart did. I can't wait till he eats his words as to how prototype is supposedly better than Infamous.

Panthers3814d ago

I havent seen a legitimate website say anything negative. Not to mention IGNs words about how this game will deliver.

Snatcher3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

There is no need for a winner. Some people prefer Infamous, and some people prefer Prototype. What if Mart said that Prototype is better than Infamous? It's HIS opinion, he does not speak for everyone, he speaks for himself.

S M N3814d ago

exactly that why every ps3 owner is a winner, not so much for the 360 only i suppose

The Great Melon3813d ago

Does The Mart or Zhuk even exist anymore, I haven't seen either of them in awhile.

Labwarriorbot3813d ago

I swear, they filled 7 months of tears already. But there is just no end to their crying and whining.

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jBat173814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

probably this will get 8's and low 9's.. maybe a lower score than crackdown and prototype from xbot sites like edge

any guesses on why it does not deserve a perfect score like the inferior gta4?

aldesko3814d ago

So far I've seen one review from OPM UK, which gave it a 9.

diefor3814d ago

Yes it was. Only one 9/10

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