God of War III Live Stage Demonstration At E3

"The game will be demoed live on stage for the first time as expected, the release date will be revealed and we'll get to see a lot of info on the game."


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Spike473809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

above all other PS3 games.

OGharryjoysticks3809d ago

He wants you to want Twisted Metal 3 more

Mindboggle3809d ago

I still need to get God of War 1 and 2. I just haven't got the enthusiasm to play it. However if it came to the PS store I would get them.

Polluted3809d ago

@Mindboggle: The PS2 GoW games are still better than around 99% of current gen games and you can get both for way less than one new PS3/X360 game. You should definitely check them out before GoW3 comes out.

Oh, and they don't look half bad either, even by current gen standards.

WhittO3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

This E3 is going to be insane!!

It seems like Sony is announcing alot of stuff before it though, even if they didnt have an "surprises" at E3, it would still be amazing by just showing gameplay from their huge line-up of games/services!
But im sure they will have a few surprises.

The opposite for MS, they seem to be saving everything they have for E3, i dont know why people say "this years line-up is incomplete" because there is NO WAY they will announce a new game at E3 that will launch a couple months later (only games like Mass Effect which have already been announced). I do think they will have a "shock-announcement" again since they know they stole attention last time, maybe a new MGS or something.

The games im most looking forward to are Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain and GOW3.
Id like some more info on Assassins Creed 2 & MW2 too.

fishd3809d ago

Go kill yourself,seriously go

@Saren Arterius

You came to a Gow thread to say you can't wait to see Alan Wake?!

Edit:oh well your(short) comment history explains it all
/welcome to ignore list

AntoineDcoolette3809d ago

I'm a total loser with no friends, no life, and no self esteem so I'm replying with an absolutely unrelated but edgy comment to the first post so it will be closer to the top of the page so people can read it and think I'm cool and click agree and give me speak bubbles.

gaffyh3809d ago

Are there no secrets anymore? Every good bit of info seems to be leaked damnit.

When we're watching E3, we'll probably already know all of the announcements at this rate.

talltony3809d ago

Want this game? anyone? anyone? thats what I thought, this game will pwn all.!!

UnasFortuna3809d ago

Same here boggle... I haven't played the first or second installments in the series (mainly because I was never a PS fan before the "big 3" came around. Have ordered the first two from Amazon though. Can't do a sequel justice if you haven't played through the entire story. I am psyched for this game though. It looks amazing.

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Kain813809d ago

with the Team ICO project.
Hope we see something about that too

RememberThe3573809d ago

are the PS3 games I'm looking forward to the most. But theres also Ratchet, Infamous, White Knight, and MAG.

Mu5afir3808d ago

So we can hopefully expect the game by 2010.. if not it would be disappointing.

jmare3809d ago

This is like saying the sun will rise tomorrow. Everyone expected this.

DasBunker3809d ago

yep.. but that doesnt mean it was gonna happen for real.. theres always dissapointments at this kinda of things..

Polluted3809d ago

Well we all knew it would be there, but I wasn't expecting a definitive release date. That's hella good news, imo. I'm expecting a 2010 release date which will be a letdown (an expected one), but it will still be nice to have a firm release window to look forward to.

chidori6663809d ago

alan wait not come in 2009 imo... wake up.

ps921173808d ago

holy shi#, really, its like the first time ever the sun rises in may here in antarctica, buts that pretty awesome though, been looking to do some fishing tomorrow.

Eagle9163807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

A demostration is expected since the leaked gameplay footage was exposed and the possibility of a 09 release date but i really need to know the official release date 4 this game. I haven't played GOW1 or GOW2 but i have GOW on the psp. Sony should really add GOW1 and GOW2 on GOW3 Collectors edition. I will buy it on day one.

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blackbeld3808d ago

^^^^ hahaha.... This game is GOTY for sure!!

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3808d ago

Let's fast-forward, to say end of 2010...
In a PS3's Fans Games collection he/she will have -
KillZone 2
Uncharted 2
God Of War 3
Heavy Rain
FF 13 Versus
New Team ICO Game
White Knight Chronicles (Rest of the World)
Fat Princess
LBP 2(?)(Sorry i can't wait for more Cuteness!!!) ;-P
DC Universe Online
PJ:Dungeon(?) Or is it PJ:1-4?
etc etc
+!!! The Multi-format games to!!!;)
BEAT THAT LIST Micro$oft and the ChatBots on this???...I'm waiting...

PotNoodle3809d ago

Behind MGS4, this has been my most anticipated game this gen.

pixelsword3809d ago

... I want WarDevil, Heavy Rain, Alan Wake, Zone of the Enders (if it comes out this gen), stuff like that.