GT: G-Force - PS3 Deadly Gameplay HD

Everyday objects turn deadly in this PS3 gameplay.

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OGharryjoysticks3812d ago

It doesn't look like the worst game ever.

But it's definetely no "Battle of the Planets" either.

3812d ago
PirateThom3812d ago

It's not unlike a lame looking Ratchet style game.

Is this a movie licence of some kind?

OGharryjoysticks3812d ago

Owen Wilson or whatever his name is with the messed up nose was doing the voice and he can still get movie roles so he's not about to work voice on a game just for kicks

Ellessdee3812d ago

its being published by disney so it must be based on an upcomming movie. which means it will probably end up being not so good. but still, it looks like a fun rental. and if you follow the link theres a 3d gameplay video, if they make the game with a 3d option and give you some glasses, that would be really fun.