The Mystery of Duke Nukem Forever

HorrorStyle: "The truth behind the situation of Duke Nukem Forever will never be discovered, but pulling together some sparse facts and rumours gives us quite an interesting picture.

Today Kotaku has posted the Duke Nukem Forever screenshots from the art director Tramell Isaac and the concept art from the artist Layne Johnson- 16 images in total. Let me repeat that slowly: SIXTEEN images after 12 years of development and 8 of them are concept art. No doubt, the guys are talented and experienced, so the question is- what was going on all these years?"


The article has been updated with the supplementing videos, images and quotes.

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lindquist3813d ago

I cant believe that this game wont come out.
I even pre-ordered it :(

Its like ordering a cake for your 40th bithday, then when you get 54, you get a phone saying that they had to cancel the order.
Then you have to eat bread and rice all day. And all of a sudden you
get asian and you have to be sentenced to death.. It was a bad plan to cancel.

DNAgent3813d ago

It's not like it would've came out if they were still working on it anyways.

omni_atlas3813d ago

They should open source it if they can't finish it

Timesplitter143813d ago

"Then you have to eat bread and rice all day. And all of a sudden you
get asian and you have to be sentenced to death.. It was a bad plan to cancel. "

I kinda lost you there

FragMnTagM3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

That story doesn't sound like bs. At least my bs detector didn't go off. I think it was exaggerated a little at the end. But it is looking like a PR stunt, and if it is, it is going to catapult the Duke to the head of the game.

I would love to see him at E3 teabagging Master Chief, Chainsawing Marcus Fenix in half, and sh!tting down Seb's throat. LOL.

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Polluted3813d ago

I feel like I should point out, since the writer of this article drew attention to the 3Drealms portfolio, that 3Drealms didn't exactly make Max Payne or Prey. The only thing they really "made" since Duke 3d was Shadow Warrior. Also, the "dozens of other games" the author refers to are just a bunch of old 2d apogee games and Terminal Velocity which also wasn't made by 3Drealms.

STK0263813d ago

True but they did somewhat worked on Max Payne and Prey. They did not develop them, but they helped it come to life, which gave them money.

They also worked on some non 2D games, like DN:ZH for the N64 and the ones on the PSX. Zero Hour was actually very fun.


Well, there was that video of Joe Siegler playing with a robot and a duke nukem action figure. So they were at least having fun there I assume.

gameraxis3813d ago and watch "theJaceHallShow" season 1 episode 1.... it is the ONLY place to see DNF gameplay and it looked NASTY... hurry! before they take it down

HorrorStyle3813d ago

The video has been removed from Crackle, however it's still on YouTube:

or search for "the jace hall show duke nukem"

shazui1233813d ago

that way wed have ps3 exclusive # 34340039293 and also itd be a series and thered be other IPs from 3drealms. I love sonys game production strategy :D