GamersInfo Review – And Yet It Moves

GamersInfo writes: "My first impression upon reading the brief description of And Yet It Moves (AYIM) before downloading it was: "Eh." All the reviews I'd read practically made this game out to be divinely inspired, but there I was, reading about a world made of crumpled paper. The only reason I actually went through with it and downloaded the game was that I'd already signed up to review it. So I took the leap and started playing.

Two hours later, I was intently bent over my keyboard, cursing at the computer for letting a paper wad the size of a boulder run me over, trying to figure out the exact velocity I'd have to be at before rotating the world midjump would land me safely on the wall-now-floor. I'd already died approximately 173 times but dammit, I was going to pass this level!"

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