What is Nintendo not telling us about Wii Sports Resort?

But why the secrecy about the other five games? And why did the title get delayed from earlier in the spring until July? There's so many unanswered questions about the title that don't seem to be that big of deals, until you consider that Nintendo may indeed be hiding a few secrets. Below is a look at some questions and potential surprises.

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cyclindk3810d ago

Or it could be filled hot sexy biches...

Microsoft Xbox 3603810d ago

With this new MotionPlus controller, there better be 1:1 hand movement.

Smacktard3810d ago

Well that's the whole reason they're releasing it. It's pretty much an interactive tech demo, if you ask me. I don't know if I'll get it... I might. Depends if there's any good-looking games that they'll reveal. Pretty much the only thing pushing me to get it now is the knowledge that, every time I bring it to a party or something, someone will be like "You don't have Wii Sports 2!?"

Mini Mario3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

"With this new MotionPlus controller, there better be 1:1 hand movement. "

Or what? wont buy a wii>>?

Mindboggle3810d ago

It costs as much as the Wii fit, but they know people will but it...

Nike3810d ago

That's how they roll. ;)

Seriously though, I some times wonder why Nintendo even keeps us in the loop any more when it's so entranced with the casual (read: Wii Fit), easy, audience? Yeah. Okay. There we go.

ChickeyCantor3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Perhaps, "us" as in we, can't have the patience for their strategy.

Its funny though people pretend Nintendo is only after the money, but in fact all companies strife for loads of money.

Lets be honest here, if they really are hunting for "cashcows" and therefor they went after the casual market, does that tell us that "core" gamers don't like to spend their money?
Cause its as if thats the only logic that comes from it.

Fact is if they are really that "money hungry" they will try and catch as many people as possible to buy their products, including us.
Leaving us out doesn't magically make our money into their pockets.

In the end, they all want money, no product is made in mind to make loss.

Nike3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

True. However, the exact same strategy is what prompts the endless stream of sequels. Not all are bad, but they're all made with the same thing in mind: Give gamers more of what they loved, add more which they may or most likely would like. Some sequels don't follow this formula while others go above and beyond to provide gamers with a lot (Half-Life 2 and it's episodes, for example). It also prompts videogame adaptations of movies (which are bad when it's only made to cash in on the movie's hype), games like 50 Cent: Bulletproof (made to appeal to his "fans"), rip-offs and copycats (for instance, 187 Ride or Die and 25 to Life that tried to emulate the San Andreas formula), and more such garbage.

Many of the highest paid executives in the game industry exist solely for the purpose of finding what could work and turn over a good buck. But keep giving any one more of the same for too long and even die-hards reject it, and those profits suddenly become losses. Even games like Final Fantasy and Pokemon at worst added a few new hooks here and there. They've been part of the industry for a long time. A game like Wii Sports though? Same sh*t, different box. It's a fad. One of the more popular ones, agreed, but a fad nonetheless.

ChickeyCantor3809d ago

The thing is Nintendo still has lots of IP's lying around.
I do think "gamers" hardly have the patience to wait for nintendo's franchise know for years. And therefor hammer on the things they made like Wii-music or Wii-Fit. They want it all now. Hence why they cry Nintendo should make more hardcore games(but who says they arn't?)

A franchise like Super mario isn't still up and running because of us, its still up and running due the fact that each year new (and in most cases young)"gamers" join the market.

Nintendo actually gave us a fair batch to be honest, and more are coming.
So they made Wii-sports/fit/music, let those people who enjoy it have their share. If they were getting these profits just off us, then no one would complain they are cashcows or actually is ironic and hypocricy at the same time.

People demand something, and aren't getting it the way they want it.
So instead of having patience they hammer on the Wii-franchise.

N4g_null3809d ago

Give gamers more of what they loved, add more which they may or most likely would like.

Normal maps and the same tired game play. Yep we loved it so much we would rather play online FPS now. I don't know the HD guys are milking graphic hordes that love specs right now but the guy that truly love gaming art are not pleased. The only game that had cool designs on the HD market was metal gear but the game play was pretty bland, which is pretty damn sad if you ask me.

It seems every thing is getting polished while nothing new is being made some how. It's like we are doing the 105th sequel to star wars right now and people are just buying it because of the tech.

Maybe you don't feel this way but take a look at your gamer friends, the hardcore is getting smaller by the year. You use to have at least ten gamer friend on avg now you have what, 1? I think this is why the HD guy must have things like live. Yet I can take hardcore games over to many peoples house and laugh with them as they struggle to play them, some will surprise me and get hooked. Will they buy the game will that depends on why they play their system.

HD is way more of a cash cow than wii fit right now, because HD graphical polish is way easier to hype and safer to make. Seriously nintendo could make gears of war and it would still suck if they made it for the same people. I did not say that last thing to put down people who like gears but that game is mostly for certain gamers in between hardcore and casual.

3rd parties love a good cash cow and if you look at how MS and SONY felt about the hardcore they just knew 60 million of you had $500 just laying around because you where older and you just loved HDtvs. What they didn't realize was you guys have fixed incomes and a recession hits every so often. If HD gaming wasn't a cash cow then it would have been implemented better to support high res textures, etc, like PS gaming.

The fact they are losing money on the systems just goes to show how much they expected to milk you guys for. Nintendo knows people are on a budget because that's is how they operate. MS and SONY choose to milk there few cash cows for as much as they could, with even mirco transactions. I love the idea of DLC but not the biz plan that it currently uses.

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ChickeyCantor3810d ago

Wii-sports resort...

BAH, need to make the collection complete...bah...

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