New Red Steel 2 details - Game length, additional weapons, more

More info on Red Steel 2...

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SinnedNogara3501d ago

Only 10 hours?? The single player better be re-playable, give me a reason to go back. They also should add DLC to the game with the 4.0 update in place. Maybe a DLC multiplayer mode!

Overall, seems very good. That shotgun better be triple-barrel :)!

Spike473501d ago

As for the game itself, may God have mercy on the confused souls who buy it.

lol jk, its kinda good, better than cooking mama.

ChickeyCantor3501d ago

Looks al promising...surprised =).

TruthbeTold3501d ago

with no online? Very little replay value. Even if it is extremely awesome people won't want to play through it more than a couple of times. Most probably won't go through it more than once. I seriously doubt this game will be 40 bucks. But it should be. How do they expect people to do anything more than rent this game if they are interested? Replay value is severely lacking on the Wii.

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