PlayStation mobile "could happen"

The president of Sony Ericsson says he would be interested in carving out a niche for the handset maker based on the strength of the PlayStation brand.

Hideki Komiyama told the Financial Times that the company had failed to stay on top of technological developments in the mobile business.

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Update the main source site is up now

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sinncross3815d ago

I could live with a PSP SKU that offered Java, SMS/ MMS and phone call ability.

But if this happened (and i dont mean from Sony Erickson but from the Playstation division) then they should release a PSP-only sku with no mobile features ,cause not everyone wants a PSP as a cell phone.

RememberThe3573815d ago

Which I don't think it is. It is a joint venture between Sony and Ericsson, but I really doubt this will happen.

rambi803815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

giving consumers alternatives is good.

Personally i'm not interested in all-in-one devices cause of battery life issues.

But everyone has their own preference

not everyone wants to walk around with 2 or 3 different devices

Microsoft Xbox 3603815d ago

They'll be really successful if they tie in a fast data plan that could be used for PSN connectivity and online play.

Mindboggle3815d ago

That wouldnt come cheap....Youll be looking at iPhone pricing level

ps921173815d ago

Well if you have the option to or not pay for service in the same device, then that would be perfect. Lol though ps mobile is shorten to psm, which is also ps magazine.

SaiyanFury3815d ago

True, except now in North America PSM is no more. It changed to PlayStation: The Official Magazine sometime back in 2008.

keysy4203815d ago

a phone option is great but dont base a hand held around a phone games first phone second