T-Mobile Provides iPhone Support Despite Not Offering iPhone

The Consumerist Writes: When a system update caused service failures and bugs in T-Mobile customers' unlocked iPhones, the users emailed T-Mobile to alert them to the issue. Even though T-Mobile doesn't offer the iPhone, they fixed the bugs and gave the users a service credit for the inconvenience...

Bol from DiTechite Writes: I am a very loyal T-Mobile customer and I really love their coverage and customer service. I have had some "phone" problems in the past, and they provided solutions to these problems that made satisfied. Overall, you pay for good service, coverage, and customer service. Thank you T-Mobile and keep up the good work.

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dericb113814d ago

I am not a T-Mobile customer but this is the example all businesses should follow.

AAACE53814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Truthfully, Apple should allow the iPhone on all networks once the contract is up. The demand is there, people want the phone but don't want to switch carriers. If Apple extends the contract, it would be a bad move in my opinion.

I have Verizon, so I was really hoping that rumor about Apple and Verizon trying to make a deal. I guess i'll be stuck with my Blackberry for a while longer.

Bob Dole3814d ago

Bah iPhones are overrated. Bob Dole will take a phone with a keypad over a smudgy screen any day.

Software_Lover3814d ago

But atleast they fixed this issue even though they didn't have to.

jack who3814d ago

t mobile gives support for all unlocked phone...not just iphone nothin new here