Top 5 Current MMORPGs

Gaming Union writes "When most people talk about the MMORPG genre, it tends to be World of Warcraft that surfaces on the minds of the many as being the most recognised, not only by the gaming population but also by the mass including various celebrities who admit to playing said titles. Usually when we talk about MMORPGs in general they tend to be a commitment, as most gamers know that truly finishing one is an almost impossible task. So how is it that they've become so popular over the years, what direction has the genre taken, and where can we go from here; these are but a few of the topics we'll be hoping to give an insight on."

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mephman4191d ago

Pretty solid list, although some of the big free ones like Maple Story still have quite a bit of weight.

ShawnCollier4190d ago

Maybe if it was a Top 10 list, Maple might be on there, but I don't think it's popular enough to get into the Top 5.

Tomdc4190d ago

Runescape should be! the quests in that game are far more fun than any in world of warcraft.. and its browser based!!! Plus i think it has a lot more players than 3/5 of the games on their list.

Timesplitter144190d ago

Yeah but Maple Story is... um... let's say it's more oriented towards 14 years old emo kids

azappyz4191d ago

A good basis on the listed MMOs. Makes me want to try the FF MMORPG.

mephman4191d ago

Final Fantasy XI is like a job, haha. It takes so long to actually get to a level where things can actually be achieved.

Selyah4191d ago

So true, I've been playing Warcraft for the last 3 years now, but it still hasn't come anywhere close to overtaking the amount of time I spent on Final Fantasy XI :/

Ngai4190d ago

Yep. FFXI truly is an awesome game. But it's a huge time sink. Say goodbye to your real life.. because it is gone.

Saren Arterius4190d ago

Is there a PS3 MMO? because if there is, i'm sure it's the best!!!!!11

mephman4190d ago

I think the majority of them are coming out in 2010. :p

ShawnCollier4190d ago

AFAIK, I haven't heard of any.

mephman4190d ago

Well, there's The Agency and I think DC Universe.

4190d ago
Allowen4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )


I have been playing video games for around 21 years, I had almost every video game console ,played tons of computer games and lots og MMoRPGs.

If I could ONLY choose ONE game that shacked me the most, that I still remember it like if I was playing it now,.it is printed in my memory.
This game is :

Everquest !!!

God damn, holy uber fun game that I played it for almost 7 years.

Perjoss4190d ago

I played everquest too for so many years, it was amazing at the time because there was nothing else really like it, there was UO but that was 2d. But looking back now I could never play it today, I still remember playing a mage and killing 2 or 3 monsters and then having to sit for over 12 mins (and basically just wait and do nothing) to regain full mana again, they don't make them like they used to :P

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