Games Abyss: Tekken 6 Hands-On

N. Johnson: "The Tekken franchise has been around for fourteen years-that's like, a hundred and eighty in video game years. A franchise with that kind of staying power must be doing something right and if Namco has its way, Tekken will to continue to feed our fighting game craving for years to come. At a recent press event, Namco proudly presented Tekken 6, the latest and presumably greatest in the Tekken series."

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DanSolo3819d ago

I've liked Tekken since the first one came out, and I've spent many happy hours pounding my friends into the floor on it.

But I felt in recent games its become waaay too much about juggling combo's and 10 hit combo's. I prefer it when a fight has some ebb and flow and the winner is the person who out-thinks and out fights their opponent, not the one who gets the first juggle hit and then takes out most of the others energy in one go.

As I like Tekken so much I will definately be watching to see how this one turns out, but I am wary of it becoming even more of a juggle 10 hit combo fest.

schommerc3819d ago

The first playstation game I played was Tekken. 2 or 3 I believe, and it was simply the best fighting game...

5 was alright, but I definitely am looking forward to playing this one.

ShinFuYux3819d ago

Quite frankly, this is going to be the game that I will buy twice.

PS3 and PSP~