XboxEvolved: Resident Evil 5 Review

XBE: "After four long years, Capcom finally delivered on Resident Evil 5, the latest installment in the company's flagship franchise. Sure, there were other like the semi-memorable Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles for the Wii in 2007, but in terms of the main-line series it's been 4 years since Resident Evil 4 came along and shocked gamers and reviewers alike with a fresh, new approach that took the archaic controls away and jettisoned most of the puzzles in favor of a more action-oriented approach. Four years later, we have the same basic formula repeated once again, but this time the action ante has been upped and co-op has become a major factor. On paper, not changing the formula seems like a good thing and in some cases it is. Problem is, this game is riddled with minor flaws that wind up undercutting the title, leaving us with the second-weakest title in the main canon next to Resident Evil Zero."

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